Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Long Good Bye

We have had a busy few days saying good byes.  Well, Caleb was saying "good bye" but I felt the emotions during every one of them.

Our Friday started off with us eating dinner as a family at Olive Garden.  It was wonderful to be together and Emmy loved it!  We found out that she loves olives (which neither of us like, so I had no desire to get any) - they are on our grocery list for the next trip.

After dinner we headed to Caleb's parent's house because his sister and two of the four of her girls traveled the nine hours to surprise Caleb for his last weekend home.  I surprised myself by not letting the cat out of the bag early!  Go Me!

When we arrived at the in law's house, Lynsey, my very first niece, rushed to us to show off her fish that she caught in the pond.  

The next day the whole family met at a park in Columbia for Family Day.  The unit coordinated it with Shealy's BBQ, girl scout cookies, games, and freebies.  It was so fun and the weather was perfect!  

We then want back to Caleb's parent's place to hang out. 

I took some time to take photos of Sara (Caleb's sister) and her youngest daughter, Lidia.  I'll be posting the rest of the photos to my photography blog in the next few days, but here is a sneak peek.

After taking the photos for Sara, we both jumped in the paddle boat and took some pictures of Lynsey jumping off the dock into the pond.  She had so much fun and we did too!  Get to talk, take photos, get some sun and be out in the wonderful weather was so great!

Emmy was so entertained while watching Lyns swim.

After getting some Groucho's (best sandwiches EVER!) we played some.  Bop chased Emmy around the house.  Caleb started playing this with her and she squeals with excitement every time!

Then, Sunday came.  

On Sunday morning we headed to base for the deployment ceremony.  There were a few speakers and two prayers by the chaplain.  Then they let all the families loose on the flight line (where the helicopters are parked) to get photos and ask their soldiers questions.  Keep in mind that there are more than 500 soldiers in Caleb's unit, so needless to say, there were a ton of people there!  

We had a great time though!  Again, the weather was great and emotions were high.  I didn't really get too emotional until the helicopters started up and the air show began.  I was so proud of my husband and him accomplishing this part of God's plan, but I was also thinking about the year ahead and now much I'm going to miss him.

Caleb's sister, Sara, shares my love for photography.  She is amazing, but doesn't give herself enough credit.  I tried to concentrate on spending the day as Kayla, the army wife, instead of the photographer, so Sara took over and became the photographer for the events over the weekend.

So I will dance with Cinderella
While she is here in my arms
'Cause I know something the prince never knew
Oh I will dance with Cinderella
I don't want to miss even one song
'Cause all too soon the clock will strike midnight
And she'll be gone.

The air show took a while because it takes a long to get the apaches started up.  However, this was not good for the little ones present and Emmy was pretty tired.  She doesn't normally like to cuddle, but for some reason she fell asleep on Caleb while we all watched the helicopters.  It was the sweetest thing and made my heart very happy.

Monday, was pretty laid back.  We packed Caleb's bags, I made his favorite dinner, and we watched a movie.  It was very normal.  I thought I might be more sentimental for his last night home before leaving for a year, but I really like that there didn't seem a need to talk about the up coming events.  I think we were both "good bye" d out (don't hate - I was definitely NOT an english major) and we have been preparing for this deployment for a year now, so there was not a whole lot to say.  We both know we love each other and we'll miss each other and we know our roles while we are apart and I'm so happy that I have a marriage like this and am in it with my best friend.  

Then Tuesday morning started early.  The three of us headed out to base to say our last good bye.  I felt surprisingly at peace with what was about to happen.  After leaving base, I followed the buses to the airport to send off the unit from Eagle Aviation.  

I was proud and sad at the same time.  Can you tell I've been crying?

They finally boarded the plane.  The plastic bags have girl scout cookies in them in case you were wondering.  They all got a bag to take with them.

SCNG 1/151st Attack Reconnaissance Battalion on their way...

Dear Lord,
Give me the greatness of heart to see the difference between duty and his love for me. Give me understanding that I may know, when duty calls him he must go. Give me a task to do each day, to fill the time when he's away. And Lord, when he's in a foreign land, keep him safe in your loving hand. And Lord, when duty is in the field, please protect him and be his shield. And Lord, when deployment is so long, please stay with me and keep me strong. Amen."


  1. This post is just beautiful. The picture of Caleb kissing Emmy in his uniform is absolutely gorgeous and made me cry. Definitely belongs in her bedroom! You are so strong!! Prayers for you for the year ahead!

  2. The moments you captured here are beautiful. Praying for your sweet family!

  3. Such a sweet family! Stay strong, Kayla! David and I will keep you guys in our prayers!

  4. So proud of you Kayla- I'm always blown away by the strength of military spouses. Beautiful post. Lots of love and prayers from Maryland!


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