Thursday, May 19, 2011

Our Love Story - Part V

We started the date getting some food at a local restaurant, then we headed to our next destination which Caleb kept a secret.  However, after about forty minutes of driving around I figured out that he was lost.  He finally told me we were supposed to be going to the next ice skating rink in our town but yes, he was lost.  We ended up stopping at a gas station to ask for directions and realized the rink was right across the street.

We parked and got out.  I was pretty excited about his awesome idea for our date but as we walked up the steps to the door we noticed a sign that said the rink was closed due to a hockey practice.  Yes folks, not only did we get lost on the way there, but once we arrived it was closed.  Poor Caleb felt like such an idiot.

When we got back into the car he put on Matchbox 20's Mad Season that starts by saying, "Well, I feel stupid."  We both started laughing and I think that was the first time I was ever truly comfortable around Caleb.  I realized he was human too and he was trying to impress me.  Two years later we attended a Matchbox 20 concert and to this day whenever we are on a road trip we always put in MB20.  After the mishap we decided to get ice cream and go to the local park.

At the park we sat on the swings and talked.  There, Caleb kissed me for the second time and it was amazing!  This is when I started to fall in love with my future husband...

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  1. Kayla I remember your Caleb swooning days!!! I miss you!


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