Tuesday, August 14, 2012

One Proud Mama

We have some new developments happening in our home -NO, I'm not pregnant, but any parent who has had a toddler knows what a big deal this is...


I am such a proud mama right now!  Of course we are still using pull ups at night (I'm not going to interrupt her 12hrs of sleep just yet), but every other minute of her day she is in panties!  And boy does she look so cute in them!  

I seriously cannot express how excited and proud I am of her and of Caleb and I too - I mean it does take a lot of patience, communication, and laundry to potty train a child.  It took us about a month of really working at it, but she was introduced to the potty about 6 months ago.  We did give her one m&m (yes, just one) every time she peed and two for poop.  I know a lot of people discourage treat giving for potty using, but we haven't had any issues with it.  Now, she doesn't expect anything.  We did make a big deal every time she went and even called family members at times to let them know of a "dry" day.  

Now, I just need to work on how to be lady like with panties and dresses with her!

I also had today off and in between cleaning and editing photos I decided to make a soap dispenser from a mason jar.  I love it and God knows I have plenty of Mason jars to spare. 

I also spent part of my day taking maternity photos for a sweet friend and former coworker, Amanda.  While I was waiting for her to get to the location, I chased Emmy around trying to get a frame worthy photo, but she was more concerned with chasing the cats around the barns.

Sadly, this kid is ghostly white, just like her mama.

I do love how innocent she is and how excited she gets over the small things, like running around outside chasing cats.


  1. YAYAYAYAYAY!!! GO Emmy!! That's awesome!! I've finally buckled down and Ellasyn is really starting to do well :) She's gone potty 3 days in a row! It's so hard with working since I don't get to help her during the day, but they do at daycare so that's good. So happy for Emmalyn and I know what you mean about the cute panty booties!!! haha

  2. Way to go, Emmy!!! Man oh man she's precious in those little panties!!!

  3. Yaye Emmy!!! It does take A LOT of patience and laundry, but so worth it in the end! :) Also, I got your message the other day on FB about setting up a time with you. I haven't forgotten... I just gotta figure out when and where for you to take pics.


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