Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Elana is ONE!

Cue the tears...

Today, my baby turns one.  
In some ways this has been the longest 365 days of my life and in others, it has been the shortest.  
I was definitely not prepared for what two kids would bring to my life, but I am pleasantly surprised at how amazing both my girls are and how great they are together. 

As a tribute to her first birthday, I've chosen some of my favorite photos of our Elly to share to help me look back on her first year and how much she has grown.

Elana and me, the first time I held her (which was as soon as the cord was cut).

Emmy meeting her baby sister for the first time, just minutes after she was born.

I found this on my phone a few days after Caleb took it.  I think Elly was 2 or 3 weeks old and we were all exhausted.  The only way she would sleep for the first month was if I nursed her to sleep or she sucked on my finger.  She never wanted a pacifier and eventually started sucking on the corners of her blankets.  She still sucks on her blankets.  I think it is really cute and it sure beats trying to hunt a pacifier down at bed time.

I didn't get Elana's newborn photos done until she was three weeks old.  I was really nervous that she, or Emmy, or both weren't going to behave, but they both did exceptionally well and this tired momma was very pleased.

Man, I don't know what I would do without this swing.  It has been so handy with both my girls.

These were taken when Elly was 7 weeks old.  She was sleeping and I just spontaneously decided to try some photos.  I love the colors and how peaceful she looks.

Here, she is 10 weeks old and hasn't stopped smiling since.  I LOVE this smile.  She gets compliments all the time from it when we are out. It is contagious!

Santa Baby - 3 months old

She was surprisingly very comfortable and calm in "Santa's" arms.

First snow day!!!  I promise, despite the look on her face, she like it!

6 months old

First tea party with big sister.  She loves Emmy.  Wants to see her at all times and do everything she does.  It is so sweet, but I'm sure Emmy has no idea how much she is looked up to.

 Emmy also likes to dress Elana up

This backyard photo shoot was taken when Elly was 9 months old.  So adorable.

She also started speed crawling at 9 months.  It was pretty funny.  This was a snapshot I got while cooking when she came racing into the kitchen to see what was going on.  Girl LOVES to eat!


 Again, girl LOVES food.  It so refreshing since her sister STILL has issues with eating.  Her favorite foods are: any meat, cheese, waffles, mandarin oranges, and bananas.  Actually I haven't given her anything that she hasn't eaten, but these are just a few of her favorites.

And yes, I've started putting her on the potty.  She thinks its funny right now, but I figure it couldn't hurt to get her acquainted with it. She's already used it (#1 AND #2 - sorry if that's TMI) a few times and we've all made sure she knew it was a GREAT thing!

Elana is such an amazing kid.  This go round is so much more fun because Caleb is around.  When Emmy was 11 months old he left for 13 months on a deployment and didn't get to see her second year first hand.  It makes me heart to happy to see him enjoying her.
Having a big sister has shaped her too.  She mimics so much of what Emmy does and follows her around the house.  

She will "give love" to us at the most random times (she lays her head on you and pats you with her hand).

She will peek around a corner and play peek a boo

She will offer you her only to take it back and throw it in her mouth and smile at you

She claps when she is eating something she REALLY likes

She will "dance" by walking in circles and makes sure that I'm watching her

I guess, the second time around I'm really cherishing the little things more since I know how fast it passes.  Needless to say, our family would not be the same without our chunky, smiley, goofy Elly.

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