Friday, August 23, 2013

The big sister to be

Emmy is going to be a big sister soon.  She is very excited about it and talks about how she can help care for the baby often.  Lately, Emmy has been very busy growing up, so I thought I should do an updated post on the life of Emmy as an only child for the last time.

She is constantly dressing up and pretending she's a princess.  She loves to put make up on with me and even dresses Dixie the dog up to use in her fairytale pretending. 

Emmy loves to help me with anything I'm doing.  Cleaning, cooking, organizing, taking care of Dixie etc.  

She knows all her shapes, colors, and letters.  Currently we are working on days of the week and letter sounds, and not to mention, sharing, which can be a rather difficult concept for a three year old to comprehend. She's so smart though and really does take in all that I'm trying to teach her even if it doesn't seem like it at the time.  She even "teaches" her baby dolls while pretending to be their momma.  It is so sweet to hear her tell them things like, "I love you and want you to get big and strong so you have to eat your dinner, then we can play!"  It's especially fun to hear her paraphrase stories that we've read her to her dolls and animals.

Emmy really loves picnics.  Even if they are on the living room floor.  She makes us go one picnics with her often after she's made us food from her play kitchen.  She also really likes to sing or be sung to.  She begs us to let her stay in church for the singing and sings while she plays a lot.  A child's singing voice is just such a sweet sound.

A few weeks ago, we visited a friend of ours in Illinois.  During our stay, we visited a children's museum.  Emmy was in toddler heaven.  My favorite part was the mini super market where the kids could get shopping carts and go shopping.  It was so interesting to see the things she chose to get at the store.  Most of which, are things we already buy and some are things she would love for me to buy.

They also had an ice cream cart for the kids to make (pretend) ice cream for customers.  Emmy was so careful and diligent in getting my order for me.

 This age is so much fun.  She is constantly learning and excited about life.  She is at a point where she needs a lot of attention and direction on what she could do next (there's just so much for a three year old to do in a day!). 

Our next year will be a year of growing and just getting through the day with a developing baby and a curious three year old, but I know God will help me and has been preparing Emmy for her role as the big sister since she was born!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

9 Months Pregnant

This sums up how I've been feeling lately.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Have I mentioned moving stinks?!

So, our eighth move as a married couple is finished...for the most part.  Hopefully there will only be one more to go before we are settled for a long while.  Our current home is not at all my "style" but it will have to do until we buy a house next year. 

Being eight months pregnant during a move is no walk in the park either.   There is so much to be done, but my body just won't let me keep going.  Not to mention that the baby's room is far from finished at this point.  Once it's done, I'll post some photos, but it probably won't be until after the baby is born and we have a name for "shim."

Along with the move last weekend, I also hosted my 10 year high school reunion.  Truth be told, I'm glad its over, but I'm also very pleased with the turn out and what a success it seemed to be.  I'll be posting photos of the event too, once things get a little more organized around here. 

Sorry for the lack of interestingness in this post.  I'll return soon with a plethora of photos!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear moving, YOU SUCK!  Dear High School Reunion, as I am excited about you, I'm ready for you to be done with.  Dear reflux, making me get up to vomit at 2am is not cool, let's not do that again.  Dear Emmy, you are growing way too fast.  I know this because you tell me daily that you are a "big girl" and "not a baby."  *tear*  Dear readers, I'm moving this weekend (which would explain the lack of posts lately and the upcoming quietness of Unpredictable Bliss until we are settled into our new place).
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