Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Emmy is now four years old.  FOUR!  I am speechless at how fast these four years have flown by and how much she has learned and developed.  God's work is just amazing.  

Emmalyn is a soft spoken girly girl (for the most part), who is outgoing around family, but still pretty timid with new people. 

Some of her favorite things to do are:  swing, play princess (with any man around being the prince),

pretend she is a kitty (aka Emmy Cat), reenact Frozen, play mommy - either with a doll or her little sister,

fish, dig for rollie pollie bugs and frogs, ask momma questions about very intricate random things,

play with my make up, play pretend beauty shop, sing, talk about all the pets she'll have one day,

jump with her daddy, bake with mommy, take photos with her hand me down camera, take a bath,

look at photos with mommy, play the piano, and have her nails painted.

She is a well-rounded girl who knows that she is loved by many, but especially by God.

She is silly and tender hearted with a little bit of sneakiness (which she of course got from her daddy: ).

She is beautiful and seriously thinks some day she will marry a prince one day (oh to live in the fairy tale world of a children's mind).

She loves to eat fruit and nutella, and loves anything with cheese on it.  She has also recently found that she enjoys bubble gum.

 She has become such a joy in my everyday life.  I find myself wanted to giggle and talk with her because she is so fun.

 I look forward to seeing how she grows; what she will do as a career, who she will marry...

But, in the mean time, I'm content just watching her pretend and playing pretend with her everyday. 

Happy Birthday my sweet, precious Emmy!

Monday, June 2, 2014

What I've learned from social media lately:
Snakes are everywhere.  Big ones.  HUGE ones and every time I see a post about someone I know finding one, I vow to never step outside again.


I see beach photos and I'm like, "I could probably get to the hospital in time before the venom takes over my entire body and puts me into shock for a chance to get some vitamin D, right?"
I was going to insert a photo of a snake here, but after looking at photos, I got the heebie jeebies and decided I wanted to sleep tonight.  You're welcome.

Everyone has an opinion and they're all right

Apparently to lose weight I need to be on some sort of additive or do colon cleanses once a month.

It's hot outside and something is in the water because there are so many babies cooking

Kids I babysat are now high school graduates.  

And now I feel old.

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