Thursday, November 14, 2013

Toothless Smiles

Looking at the these make me smile.  I hope it brightens your day too!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fall Fun

We have been very busy since autumn started.  I'll tell ya all about our travels, but know, that I have too many paying customers to edit for, so in order to get a blog post done before a year has flown by, I don't have time to edit my own photos.  So here are the unedited versions of our fall fun.

In October the "Other Wilkes" and us met in Columbia at the in laws' home to spend a weekend together.  Emmy LOVES her cousins and talks about the fun things they do often.  While we were all together, we went to the fair.  We spent 5 hours there with 5 kids and everything went smoothly.  The kids has a blast together and I'm sure this is something they will remember for a long time.

Just look at that smile on Emmy's face!

Anna, being silly.

We especially thought this ride was hilarious, because Emmy (the photographer's child) is cheesing it up ever time they pass by us and Abby is REALLy into getting to wherever she thought they were going in that car.  

Of course we had to let the older kids ride some rides more suitable for their age.  The "littles," as we call them, were such good sports while the big kids rode their rides.  They look so cute here just conversing while they wait. 

Again, Emmy hamming it up!

Last weekend, we met up with the Smith family to attend Boo at the Zoo together.  Emmy was a little timid at first, but once Porter held her hand, she warmed up and took his lead.  She ended up having a good time, though I think it was a bit of a waste of money.  

Emmy loved petting the pony and didn't want to leave.

And this is Porter making his move! LOL!

They wouldn't let go of each other.  Such sweet friends.

After gathering all our candy, we went to the dance floor.  Emmy literally danced in circles around Porter.  He just turned around with her hand in his as if he were or axis.

Eventually he got tired of spinning in circles so Emmy did her own thing.  Porter wasn't much into the dancing.

Beth and Lyla got into the dancing too.

After all the walking and dancing the kids got hungry so we roasted marshmallows and made smores.

And before leaving we wanted some posed photos.  Ellie was not happy that we woke her up to get a photo, but she was so cute in her Cinderella outfit that Emmy insisted she have.  That, Emmy's chocolate mouth and Bopa's shadow on the giant pumpkin makes this a pretty funny photo.

And the Smith Family

Another weekend we traveled to North Carolina to visit the "Other Wilkes" before Caleb's brother headed to Germany for three weeks.  Again, Emmy loved the cousin time and Elana got a lot of attention.  Even though the day ended in an ER visit due to Abby falling off the play set, we had fun hanging out.

Here's Emmy and Anna talking to Ellie...

While Caleb and Micah made some guacamole.   Caleb learned that day that putting onions in the refrigerator before cutting into them could cut down on the eye watering. 

So Micah brought some reinforcements for them.

Before leaving, we had some story time on the couch.  Again, Emmy's smile shows just how much she loves her cousins.

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