Thursday, September 30, 2010

I always, I sometimes, I never

I always
eat breakfast
procrastinate when laundry needs to be done
wash my face before bed

I sometimes
clean my vacuum (which my husband thinks it crazy...okay, maybe a little)
want to cut my hair
I sit in front of my tv at night thinking that I should really workout...but don't

I never
go a day without taking a picture
walk out of Target empty-handed
thought the constant humming of helicopters outside would bring me such comfort

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Our day...

We played.  Emmalyn told me all about her toys.

I just love this profile!

After lots of playing (by Emmalyn) and lots of cleaning (by me) we finally changed out of our pjs around noon!  

Then Daddy came home and we played with Bumper - I realize the next two pictures are blurry but it looks like they were both enjoying playing so much that I had to share.

...And the reason I don't even try to clean my husband's truck.

He brought these in (wrapped up in the towel) after work today.  Can you count how many there are?  

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Weight - 11lbs 8oz (28th percentile)

Height - 23.5 inches (50th percentile)

Size of clothes - mostly 3 months, some 0-3m and some 3-6 (which are a bit big)

Eye color - I would say hazel - they change based on what she wears.  Some days they are blue(r), some days green and some brown.

Sleep - 8hrs, then wakes up to eat and back down for 3-4hrs

Food - she likes rice cereal okay.  Not a fan of bananas.  Really likes strawberries and grapes (we don't give her these things often.  We just let her tasted them in the mesh pacifier)

Milestones -  grabbing toys and shaking them, trying to roll over, giving us a few chuckles when we play with her, kicking when she is happy

Favorite activities -   reading when she is tired, listening to mom sing, playing in the excersaucer, bath time and babbling

Wisdom from mom and dad - Having an infant would be much harder if I was a single parent

Sunday, September 26, 2010

151. Plastic storage bins

152. a day without having to put make up on

153. Laughing with my husband

154. $3.24 bras at Target!

155. a phone call from my brother

156. Fall TV premieres!  

157. Homemade quilts from Grandma!

158. Apple Dumplings

159. Rain

160. DIY wreaths

Kayla : )

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

From Emmalyn

Aunt Sara had her fourth child on September 17.  Her name is Lidia Abigail!  She has three older sisters and at least one very excited aunt and cousin.  We can hardly wait to meet Miss Lidia!

Also, on Thursday, Uncle Dan will graduate from OCS at Ft. Benning.  We are really excited to be able to see the graduation and spend a few hours with the family.  

Kayla : )

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A New Mother's Realizations.

Time is already going by so fast!  I was warned this would happen.  I can't help but look at Emmalyn sometimes and see her 15 years from now and play scenes in my head of conversations we'll have or things that happened to me happening to her.  It's so strange to think of this little, precious, can't even talk yet, child growing up into an adult and dating and driving and having her own children.  

The other night I was coming home from work and Tim McGraw's My Little Girl came on the radio.  Not only is this one of my best friend's favorite songs (miss you KB) it means more now that I have my own child.  As the song was playing I could see visions of Caleb and Emmalyn in the next few years and how she would grow and how our love for her would grow so much and what it would be like when some boy did come to our door to talk to us about marrying what will be our very beautiful daughter.  And then I thought about how my dad felt when Caleb did they same just four years ago.  M dad loves and respects Caleb so much, but I know it was hard for him to give another man permission to be my number one.  I understand now and I'll understand even more when it happens to me.  

I worked a lot this week.  It was so hard.  I cried a lot.  Even though Emmalyn stays with Crissy while I'm at work and I trust Crissy so much and love the love that she and Brandon have for Emmalyn, I'm still her mom and no matter what anyone says I can do it better.  I do it right.  Because I'm her mother.  Whatever it is.  I love her more than anyone else does on this earth.  And that love only grows by the second!  

I am excited and curious to see how this gift from God will change in the coming years.  What she will be like.  What activities she'll do.  What career she will strive for.  But for now, I'm perfectly content with my constant drooling, toothless grinned, bobble head, wide-eyed, 2 foot bundle of joy!

Kayla : )

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Introduction to Rice Cereal

Since birth Emmalyn has had a bit of a reflux issue that hasn't gotten much better with medication.  Some days are good and others ... not so much.  I talked to our pediatrician about it and her advice was to start her on a few spoon fulls of rice cereal already to see how she took a bland solid.  If it doesn't go well other measures will have to be taken so we are praying that the issue is only reflux and nothing more. 

So, Super Dad Wilkes picked up the rice cereal and gave Emmalyn a bath while I got it ready for her.  As we sat her downt to have her first taste I thought we should get it on video as one of those monumental experiences in a baby's rather repetative life.  However, as before, neither Caleb nor I are very familiar with the video camera so hopefully the quality of the videos only goes up from where they stand now : ) 


Kayla : )

Sunday, September 12, 2010

141. finding a bin of clothes in the garage that were put up last winter because I was pregnant.  It was like a shopping spree!

142. Gamecock football - more importantly, a Gamecock win!

143. Facing the Giants - the movie

144. Seeing fall decor in all the stores.  Make me smile because it means there is change coming and there are lots of things to be excited about.

145. Brand new mascara

146. Opening the windows at night

147. Domino's pizza and a movie night (sometimes it is nice not having to worry about dinner)

148. Glade plug-ins.  I have the new fall scents in the house now and I love them!

149. The Dollar Tree

150. Completing a new craft

Kayla : )

Friday, September 10, 2010

Letter to Emmalyn - 3 months

You are 3 months old today.  I went to work last night and held a few of the newborn babies that were about your size at birth and realized just how much you have grown since that day.  It amazes me and scares me all at the same time.  I'm amazed at the works of Christ.  How you could come from a small cell into the child you are today.  God is amazing!  I'm scared because in three short months you have grown so much physically and mentally.  You now have a personality and know that I am your mother.  I am humbled by how much you depend on me.   I know I should depend on Christ more instead of trying things on my own first.  I love you so much and I didn't know it was possible, but I love you more and more everyday.

Your Daddy wants to try to have another child...ALREADY!  I told him I was making life too easy on him so you might be seeing more of him without mom around soon :)  You are a great baby and I think that's how God is going to suck me into wanting more just like you!

At this point you are going to bed around 8 or 8:30 at night and sleeping 6-8 hours at a time.  You'll wake up, and I'll go into your room, look over the crib and see you look up at me and flash me the biggest smile!  It is so cute, but I'm still half asleep at this point so I feed you and put you right back to bed.  You usually talk to yourself for a few minutes and then drift off to sleep another 2-4 hours.

During the day we play, sing songs (your favorite is Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star), read, and talk to each other.  Sometimes we will meet friends for lunch.  Almost everyday I put in your bumbo and place you on the counter while I cook.  I tell you each step of each recipe.  It's almost like having my own cooking show with an audience of...One.  You seem very interested though, so I'll continue this and your father will be very happy that you will be able to make his favorite meals as well!  You also sit with me while I do crafts or fold laundry.  I love being able to spend these times with you.  I love teaching you... or at least thinking that I am.

I love hearing your sweet voice.  And I think you do too.  You like to listen you me and your dad talk.  You also like listening to the Dave Matthews Band with your dad and you even help him study by listening to him babble off emergency procedures from the apache.  I think your dad loves that you listen to him since I don't understand a word he's saying and can walk away willingly.  Sorry kid.

I love taking pictures of you.  So far you have not been very compliant with smiling at the camera, but you are a pretty good poser.

You are too big for your newborn and 0-3 month clothes now.  You are wearing 3 and 3-6 month clothes.  Your hands and feet are often cold like mine so I almost always have socks on you.

You spit up a lot.  The pediatrician and I diagnosed you with mild acid reflux and now you take Zantac twice a day.  It helps a lot though you (nor I) like the taste of it.

You move your arms and legs very frantically when you get excited and I love it!

Almost as soon as you are strapped into the car seat you start to doze off.

I let you suck on a strawberry and you cried when I took it away.  (But we will be leaving that out when we go for your next check up :  )

There are new things that you are learning each day and I feel so blessed that I am able to be with you for most of it.  Right now I'm only working a handful of hours a week and I cannot fathom my life being any better right now.  You and I have so much more to experience together and I have so much I want to teach you!  I'm looking forward to experiencing more milestones in the next month!

I love you Emmy!

Love, Mom

Kayla : )

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Emmalyn Lately

Here are a few recent snapshots of Emmalyn lately.

Kayla : )

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Aimee's Baby Shower

On Friday I, along with two other coworkers, threw a baby shower for our friend and fellow nursery nurse, Aimee.  You might remember her from this post.  Well, now she is 27+ weeks pregnant and looking so great.  She is having a girl and naming her Avery!  We are, however, very sad that we will have to go to Ft. Campbell to meet her since Aimee and her husband are moving there in 3 weeks.  

Anyway, we had a great time at the shower.  It was a bit humid at first, but once the sun started to set things got cooler.  We laughed so much!  

This is Cara and Aimee. They work every shift together!!!  I love them both. 

Emmalyn wanted to be apart of the fun too instead of stuck in her stroller so while I took photo duty, everyone else helped with Emmalyn.

I just love these!  So sassy!

I custom made the piggy bank to match Avery's nursery.  It was so easy and I loved making something personalized for the nursery.  I have a number of other friends who are expecting as well and I think this will be making into their presents too!

Ha.  I just wanted to throw this picture in there because she has an "Elvis" face!

Pretty Mama!

Emmalyn enjoying some time with Cara.

Aimee and Avery

A few of the girls.  From left to right: Brandi, Me, Aimee (Avery), Mandy, Cara and of course Emmalyn.

Kayla : )

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Video!

 So I finally stopped being lazy and decided to 1) get out and use our video camera and 2) post a video.  We have about a dozen videos on it so far, but I'm still getting accustomed to the program - I'm not great with new technology.  

Anyway, here is a video of Emmalyn from our trip to Minnesota.  Please excuse the crazy talk from my mom and me yelling at the dog.  Other than that I love it. 

Kayla : )

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

131. September!

132. morning smiles from Emmalyn - how can I not have a good day when that's the first thing I see everyday?!

133. Gamecock Football!

134. Hearing Emmalyn babble to herself in her crib.  That is one very sweet sound.

135.  yoga

136. Watching a friend prepare for motherhood

137. An exersaucer gift for Emmalyn from the Price family

138. Labor Day weekend with family

139. Watching Emmalyn fall into a deep sleep

140. An electricity bill that is cheaper than expected

Kayla : )
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