Wednesday, December 11, 2013


After crunching some numbers, I realized I only need $5700 for my dream photography equipment setup.  I'm thinking, in my dreams.

I LOVE video monitors

Breastfeeding is NOT glamorous

Babies are cute (I'm sure 98% of you already knew that)

Working out postpartum sucks!  Wait, how long is a person considered "postpartum?"

Christmastime is fun.  Especially with a three year old to enjoy it with. 

Sleep in underrated by children

Having painted nails feels like such a luxury

I really don't like to wrap presents, but I do like how they look under the tree

I'm madly in love with this song

Breastfeeding - Model style

I know there is a lot of negative buzz going around about this photo that Gisele posted.  I really just want to trade places with her.  This is definitely NOT what my nursing sessions with Elana look like!

I mean, the girl looks so relaxed! 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Family Photos

Wow.  Things have been so busy around here.  Unfortunately, the blog is not reflecting that.

This time of year is always my busiest with photo shoots and actually a lot of baby shoots.  I love it though.  We had some family photos taken by my dear friend and fellow photographer, Liz.  For a short 20 minute shoot, I think the photos turned out pretty well.  I was presently surprised that my photo shoot hating husband was such a team player and smiled like normal.  Dixie even got in on the fun in some of the photos.

There isn't much a two and a half month old can do in family photos.  It isn't my favorite age to have photos taken, but we needed them for Christmas cards and between a strong-willed toddler and a wobbly baby, I'm very satisfied with them.  However, after seeing them, I decided my postpartum honeymoon needed to come to an end and I needed to get my butt into gear and make an active effort to lose the baby weight.  I remember having the same thoughts four months after having Emmy, and I'm not the lucky mom that loses all pregnancy weight from nursing.

So, since the seeing the photos I've changed the snacks I eat to more healthy ones and made more of an effort to make time for working out.  I've lost 5 pounds so far.  I probably wouldn't have said anything if I hadn't lost anything, ha.

More event recaps coming soon!
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