Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Additions

This is the card I got for Valentine's Day! I laughed forever! It is just like us!
Our new inside addition!

Well, its been over a week since the last update. So much has happened that I don't even know quite where to begin.

For one, Bumper, our lovable 80 pound black lab has now been (or is being) converted into an inside dog. Apparently, my neighbors are not exactly dog people, especially over sized cuddlers.

Caleb has been able to come home for a day and night the past two weekends which has been wonderful! It is really making me ready to move to Alabama so that I can actually be with him. I'm getting more and more excited about moving somewhere unknown and new everyday, but conveniently putting aside the thought of the goodbyes we will be making.

2009 so far has turned out to be the year of our friends' weddings. I'm very excited about all the dressing up and dancing, but am also praying for a smooth transition into married life and have let them know that I've been there and am available for any venting : )

We also got some new furniture...a coffee table! As Joel (Caleb's brother) would say, you know you're boring when you get excited about coffee tables. However, I'm even more boring than that. Ever since thinking about getting a coffee table, I've been thinking about making a coffee table photo book! What?! Pictures?! ME?! So yes, I ran straight to snapfish to begin constructing my own coffee table book, and am extremely pumped about it!

And as of today, Caleb has 29 days left of AIT at Fort Jackson then he gets a two week break, turns 24 and heads to Ft. Rucker, Al to become an officer. My aunt, who married into the army (enlisted), has mentioned to her very sensitive and nonconfrontational neice that because of my husband's rank, there will be other army wives who make up their minds not to like me (and won't be persuaded otherwise. I am praying for strength, only the Lord's strength could prepare me for that, but I have no fear because he prepared us quite well for the unpredictable blisses we have endured thus far.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Wedding

KB in Wal-mart after a long night of wearing heels and wanting to give those feet a rest. Too bad flinestone feet was the other outcome.
The bride and groom dancing their first dance as husband and wife. I was so honored that she wore my veil : )
Ya-Ya, KB, and me relaxing after a LONG day of chasing after the bride!
shoe polishing the car!
KB caught the bouquet! Rob (KB's boyfriend) got dogged pretty badly after that : )

Well, Valentine's weekend was a busy, but amazing one. I directed my first wedding and Caleb got to come HOME for the weekend.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Best Friends and Birthday Cake

This weekend was very busy for me. On Saturday, I got to see Caleb for about 3 hours on base, and then drove to Beaufort to see my awesome friend Ashley. She introduced me to her family and I got to see where she grew up. It was great girl time! After church I drove to Charleston to attend my niece, Anna's, 1st birthday party (hence the out of order pictures). I had the best time!

I definitely feel like I've been apart of the Wilkes family all my life when I go to Dan and Alecia's, and I love being with Anna and Micah (my only nephew). I can't say enough great things about these children. They are amazing and all of my nieces and nephew, love so well. Their parents have taught them well about the love of Christ and loving others, especially family. I'm very blessed that I am surrounded by so many children that I love and love me to "practice" with. But my nieces and nephew really calm my mind on the worry of being a good mother some day.

And so another week starts. I'm working 4 nights this week and am directing my best friend's sister's wedding on Saturday (did ya catch all that). Hopefully Caleb will be able to get an off-post pass for Saturday as well. Please continue praying for him as he endures the not-so-appealing life of AIT!
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