Monday, February 9, 2009

Best Friends and Birthday Cake

This weekend was very busy for me. On Saturday, I got to see Caleb for about 3 hours on base, and then drove to Beaufort to see my awesome friend Ashley. She introduced me to her family and I got to see where she grew up. It was great girl time! After church I drove to Charleston to attend my niece, Anna's, 1st birthday party (hence the out of order pictures). I had the best time!

I definitely feel like I've been apart of the Wilkes family all my life when I go to Dan and Alecia's, and I love being with Anna and Micah (my only nephew). I can't say enough great things about these children. They are amazing and all of my nieces and nephew, love so well. Their parents have taught them well about the love of Christ and loving others, especially family. I'm very blessed that I am surrounded by so many children that I love and love me to "practice" with. But my nieces and nephew really calm my mind on the worry of being a good mother some day.

And so another week starts. I'm working 4 nights this week and am directing my best friend's sister's wedding on Saturday (did ya catch all that). Hopefully Caleb will be able to get an off-post pass for Saturday as well. Please continue praying for him as he endures the not-so-appealing life of AIT!

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