Saturday, January 31, 2009


Caleb passed his PT test on Wednesday (by army standards). He apparently didn't do as well as HE wanted to. He's such an overachiever! His squad was issued their electronics back, so when he called it sounded like a bunch on men on Christmas morning : ) But this does mean that we can talk daily now, which is so great!

Its amazing how God is helping us stay connected is this time apart. Caleb is going through the book of Romans again, and will talk with me about what he is learning. I am listening to a few sermon series from Mark Driscoll and writing to him about what I am getting out of studying his word as well. This is not something we has planned to do, but I think God is using this time of us being away from each other to help us grow individually and as a couple. It's WONDERFUL!!

Caleb also mentioned today that he will be starting flight school directly after WOCS, which ends around June 1st (give or take a day). This is a little sooner than we had expected, so we are going to start being very proactive about our planning i.e. home, jobs, moving etc.

It was a little discouraging to hear, noting that I just moved us 2 months ago and I'm already planning on moving again...Welcome to military life! I'm praying that God will guide us and keep us close to him, because he is the only constant that I know.

That's it for this update. God Bless!

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