Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Hour

So God has been doing a number on me lately and I've come to some crazy realizations that a lot of people probably would not agree with.
Life is short. And in that short amount of time a whole heck of a lot of stuff happens. Friendships, deaths, marriages, births, days. Sure our time on earth should be fun and adventurous, but our main goal, as Christians is to glorify God and make it into his kingdom for eternity.

For a long time, I didn't want to go to God's kingdom. I thought that I would be miserable if I had to go worship God for the rest of my life without ever getting the chance to experience the things that I had planned for myself like married life (and ALL that comes with that), being a mother, grandmother, developing the best friendships...the list goes on. But God had to show me that my own sinful attachment to this material world was getting the best of me and I was doubting if he could do better than the things I wanted to accomplish in my life.

But the thing is that this life is not about me or anyone else. It is about Christ. I mean, for goodness sake, he made this life, he made us, the forgave me for everything I've ever done and am ever gonna do. I don't even deserve to be able to dream about the things that I have the ability to dream about. But he loves me enough to have a plan for me and to shelter me from my own sins.

I don't think I will ever stop being anal about cleaning or what I look like, but it is so trivial. He has so much waiting for me that it is impossible to fathom how wonderful my eternity will be. Because this life is NOT it.
So sure I can live it up like happy hour all the time, but will that make me happy in the end? I think that living for a king that can provide me with more than I could ever dream about providing for myself is all the happy hour I need.
Just a thought.

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