Tuesday, February 26, 2013

All about Emmy

I figured I should do a post on the big sister to be and how much she has grown up lately! 

Our girl melts my heart at least once a day with her sensitiveness and big heart.  Since this pregnancy started with all the tiredness and nausea Emmy asks often if I'm sick or tired.  She is constantly concerned about me and the baby. Anyway, enough of my biased opinions of how amazing my child is - here is the latest with Emmy.

Favorite sayings:
"You wanna pwray wif me?"
"Emmy don't like that!"
"Emmy need..."
"I miss you so much."
"oooh, Emmy like..." 
"are you kiddin me?"
"Emmy wanna cuddle"

Favorite activities:
playing with her Calico Critters house
putting on make up with mommy
reading to anyone who will listen
helping us cook
helping us clean (when she's in the mood)
walking at the duck pond and playing on the playground
going shopping with Memomma
going to play at Ama and Bopa's house
listening to her bible cds in the car
dancing with whomever will dance with her
chasing Memomma's dogs
cuddling when tired
attempts to write her letters and eventually will have you write what she wants for her

Favorite foods:
any kind of fruit!  Just like her Daddy!
macaroni and cheese

 She loves to take baths and will stay in the tub until she is all wrinkly and the water is cold.

She loves when babies come over, like Hilton.


Emmy is our girly-girl with an adventurous side.  She loves to have her nails painted and to play mommy with her dolls and later go outside to chase the ducks, and watch for airplanes and helicopters.  She loves all animals and still talks about riding the elephant at the fair in October.  She lets me know that she missed me on the days I have to work and is quick to apologize when she has done something wrong.  She loves to be silly and helpful, and she wears her heart on her sleeve.  I love this girl so much! 

And my proudest moment yet as a mom happened just last night.  Emmy was "reading" to me from her bible about the "baby Jesus" story.  She said "God said, 'Jesus is a baby.  Not just a boy.  He is God's son'."  I was so proud, so I sat her on my lap to tell her how much I love her and right she was and she said, 
"Jesus lives in my heart." 


God is so good and I'm thankful that it seems my prayers for the heart of my child are being answered.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Looking forward

There is so much to look forward to in the coming months for The Wilkes.  I mean, besides the little life growing inside me, there is much more! 

Next month Emmy, my mom, and I will board a Delta flight and head north to Minnesota so visit my aunt, cousin, and grandmother ("Boo").  Emmy keeps talking about going on the airplane to see Cindy and Boo, and I'm looking forward to playing the snow with her and getting to see Emmy and my grandmother together.  My grandmother is a big part of my life and I spent so much of my childhood with her and have such fond memories of our time together.  It breaks my heart to know that Emmy won't get the same memories with her because she has Alzheimer's, but we can cherish the time we have while we have it.

At the end of March, my bestie, Ashley, will be visiting for a weekend and we will attend the Taylor Swift concert in Columbia.  I realize I'm 27 and pregnant with my second child, but I'm really excited about it and so excited to get to do it with Ashley.  The next day, I'll be throwing a baby shower, along with three other lovely ladies, for another bestie, Crissy (aka Emmy's Godmother).  It is going to be an awesome weekend!

I'm also in the process of planning my 10 year high school reunion with some fellow classmates.  I'm hoping it all turns out well.

Then, at the end of June, Crissy, Emmy, and Crissy's newborn daughter and I will be heading to Illinois to visit our friend Sarah and her newborn as well.  It should be an interesting trip with three kids in the mix, but I'm sure we will have such a good time together.

In August, we move - only God knows where at this point.

Soon after that, we will be welcoming our second child.

I'm so excited about the upcoming events that even just typing this post, my heart is beating faster.  God is so good!

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Our second child is due around September 9, 2013!

Needless to say, life has been pretty busy for the Wilkes lately.  I've been pretty sick with the pregnancy, however this pregnancy has started off very different from Emmy's. 

The big sister to be is very excited.  She keeps asking how the baby is.  I'm glad that it seems like she understands what is going to happen.  We still have a lot of things to do to get Emmy and ourselves ready for the little life that will invade our "normal" in just about six months.

I really can't believe that there is going to be a baby!!!

I have gone through a slew of emotions since finding out about baby #2.  I'm excited, and happy, and scared, and anxious, and worried, and thankful, and motivated all at once. 

I do trust that God's timing is perfect and I think that Emmy being three years and three months old when the baby is due is so perfect!  

So many things are going to change in just six short months and I'm no where near even figuring out where to start to get ready.  But I know God has our family in His hands and I'm trusting him with all of it. 

Please pray for us if you guys remember as we start a new journey in our adult lives.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Monday, February 4, 2013

My Favorite Things

This is the first My Favorite Things of 2013!  Enjoy!

You all know I'm a Netflix fanatic.  Not having cable is not a big deal to me and I'm come to loathe commercials.  I don't even know if Emmy really understands what they are because any time we are somewhere watching something on cable she asks where the show went when the commercials come on.  Anyway, so I love Netflix because of the lack of commercials and the fact that I can watch almost anything, anywhere.  So, lately while I fold clothes or get ready for work in the mornings I've been watching Felicity.  Sure it is from way back and it is kind of funny to see the similarities and differences in college in the past 12 years, but watching Scott Foley everyday is a big bonus!

New sheets. For a year now, we've had Gamecock red colored sheets.  I loved them.  They were soft and just the right color to make me feel like I was in a bed of luxury, but as I was making the bed the other morning I noticed a tear in the flat sheet.  Of course this warranted new sheets!  So, to Target I went and found the perfect color at 600 thread count.  I was elated! 

The blue color is very different from the red, but I'm loving the change!

My next favorite thing is the Genie Bra.  No, I didn't get suckered in by the infomercial, but yes, I did buy a set from the As Seen On TV section at Target and I love them.  I usually wear one to work under my scrubs and I actually don't feel like I'm wearing anything.  It is really light and does leave imprints on my skin.

So these are my most recent favorite things!  Hope you guys enjoyed!

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