Monday, February 4, 2013

My Favorite Things

This is the first My Favorite Things of 2013!  Enjoy!

You all know I'm a Netflix fanatic.  Not having cable is not a big deal to me and I'm come to loathe commercials.  I don't even know if Emmy really understands what they are because any time we are somewhere watching something on cable she asks where the show went when the commercials come on.  Anyway, so I love Netflix because of the lack of commercials and the fact that I can watch almost anything, anywhere.  So, lately while I fold clothes or get ready for work in the mornings I've been watching Felicity.  Sure it is from way back and it is kind of funny to see the similarities and differences in college in the past 12 years, but watching Scott Foley everyday is a big bonus!

New sheets. For a year now, we've had Gamecock red colored sheets.  I loved them.  They were soft and just the right color to make me feel like I was in a bed of luxury, but as I was making the bed the other morning I noticed a tear in the flat sheet.  Of course this warranted new sheets!  So, to Target I went and found the perfect color at 600 thread count.  I was elated! 

The blue color is very different from the red, but I'm loving the change!

My next favorite thing is the Genie Bra.  No, I didn't get suckered in by the infomercial, but yes, I did buy a set from the As Seen On TV section at Target and I love them.  I usually wear one to work under my scrubs and I actually don't feel like I'm wearing anything.  It is really light and does leave imprints on my skin.

So these are my most recent favorite things!  Hope you guys enjoyed!

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