Friday, April 27, 2012

I have a little problem...

See, there's this bird that wakes me up in the mornings by pecking repeatedly at my bedroom window.


I have no idea why he/she does it either.  Maybe it is his own little morse code for his mistress, or he is in the BSS (Bird Secret Service) and no other bird can know what he does in this spare time; or maybe he's just that dumb!  

Either way, his pecking is annoying and it has got to stop!  

As I was explaining this to my husband I felt like Kit in Failure To Launch.

This video make me happy!  

Have any of you ever had an unwanted alarm clock you need to get rid of?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

These are some recent photos of Emmy.  She is growing up so fast!  Daddy HURRY HOME!!!

My bible study leader offered to make a dress for me for a wedding in May. Emmy and I spent some time with her and her precious girls while I got fitted and we cut the pattern and fabric.  The girls had a lot of fun!  

Here is Caroline

and Anna Kate

Emmy "reading."  She has started getting books and reading them to herself.  Of course it is gibberish to me, but it keeps her occupied and it is just so cute!

Playing after nap time (hence the crazy hair)

Playing with the neighbor's cat

We have 6 days until Caleb is HOME!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I have witnessed a miracle...

Well, kind of.

On Wednesday my brother-in-law, Dan, was training with his airborne squad at Fort Bragg.  They were jumping out of planes (no big deal right?).  Well, the wind was crazy and when he deployed his parachute it got tangled.  He started untangling it, but by the time he finished there wasn't a lot of time for the chute to get any lift and he ended up landing on his back and hit his head.  Once medics got to him he was not breathing and had no pulse but his body was seizing.  They performed CPR and once a pulse was established they air lifted him to Chapel Hill.

Today, he was discharged home with only a mild concussion and some cracked ribs (from CPR).  Oh, and he's pretty sore.  WOW!  GOD IS GOOD!

He is a walking miracle!

Also, Caleb is on US soil!  His unit has to finish up some things and then tey will be heading home to their families!!!  I'm so excited!  I can hardly sleep at night!  Needless to say, the past couple of days have been very emotional and humbling.  I know I am so blessed and thank God for it too little!

There will be so much to blog about soon!

Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm sorry about the lack of posts lately, but I have a lot on my plate!  I've been trying to get all editing done before Caleb comes home and I just found out yesterday (I'm almost scared to say it) that his unit should be home a few days sooner than expected.  Of course this is just hear-say and we won't know until he is on SC soil!  The fact that we only have about 2 weeks left is just now starting to kick in.  I'm excited that he will actually be home for a while, nervous about how things are going to go that first day (will he be glad he came home to a wife who is still 5 pounds over her pre-pregnancy weight and is white as a ghost?  How will Emmy take it?  Will he be exhausted? the list goes on), and am in, what I call, "army nesting" mode (where you want to have everything clean and in its "place" before they step in the house again).

Lots to do before Caleb is physically with us again, but I'm trying not to dwell on the things I need to do, but the things we get to do together as a family once he is here. I can't even type all of this without having a smile on my face!!! I can barely contain my excitement!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012

Our Easter was very low key this year.  I spent most of the day wishing Caleb was there, but loved seeing Emmy hunt for eggs and get so excited about finding the little prizes inside.

We started the day by going to church and then to my parents for a yummy lunch.  Emmy ate like a champ (we are still trying to get her to gain weight). After a short nap, we headed to Ama and Bapa's house for dinner and an egg hunt.

Emmy was all about finding the eggs, but wouldn't put her Dora cup down while she was hunting for them.  Lynda and I tried to hold it for her, but she was not letting that thing go!

Ama and Bapa's house is perfect for an Easter egg hunt!  

After finding all the eggs (30 to be exact) we walked around looking at the ducks and geese while Ama finished making dinner.

Emmy is so fun these days and she loves being outside so after dinner went outside for more exploring!

I was trying to find the right time all afternoon to distract her from all the wildlife she was awing over to get a photo of the two of us, but she wasn't going to be still for long!!!  
We ended up getting one "good" one...

And then is was silly Emmy again.

Over all Easter was great and I hope the true meaning of this day is starting to make an impact on little Emmy.  While we were on the phone with Caleb we had a little family time while he told Emmy the story of Easter and that we serve a risen Savior!!!!  It was special, but I'm really excited about next year when he will be with us.  

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A different post

I'm posting this article mostly because I want to remember it and think *most* of it is very practical.  If you want to bookmark or "pin" the article, here is the web address:

10 Decorating Tips for a Stress-Free Home

Transform your home into a healing, relaxing zone with these little home makeover ideas. Transform your home into a healing, relaxing zone with these little home makeover ideas.Here's a good reason to do some low-cost redecorating: The choices you make can result in enhanced mood, less stress, and better sleep. To turn your space into a healing haven, follow these easy 10 decorating tips for a stress-free home.

1. Create a feel-good focal point. The first thing you see when you enter your home should be something you love, whether that's a piece of art, a vase of flowers, or a special souvenir, says Stephanie Roberts, author of Fast Feng Shui: 9 Simple Principles for Transforming Your Life by Energizing Your Home. "A beautiful first impression helps you relax from the get-go."

2. Organize daily debris. If you see old newspapers on the floor and bags of Goodwill donations waiting to be dropped off, you're going to think obligation, not relaxation. "Piles of stuff at your entryway send the message that there's more mess and chaos inside, and who wants to walk into that?" Roberts says. "Have a designated place for every item that enters and exits your house," recommends Paige Rien, an interior designer in New Jersey appearing on HGTV's Hidden Potential. She suggests placing a couple of chic containers near the front door, one for outgoing items and one for incoming things.

3. Create space. "Our anxiety builds in small spaces if there's too much stuff," says Rien. To reduce the clutter and make the room feel larger, ask yourself if you really need all those end tables or picture frames, and cut anything deemed nonessential. Consider painting a table or bookshelf the same color (or a similar one) as the wall it's up against, so it "disappears" into it. Painting walls white or a light color will also make a smaller room feel more spacious.

4. Light up locations, not whole rooms. "Bright overhead light can make it difficult to wind down at the end of the day. Think about how a casino's lights keep you revved up," says Katherine Grace Morris, PhD, a psychologist in Maryland who specializes in making over people's home and work environments. Use spot lighting for areas where you need brightness, such as next to the sofa where you read, and put overhead lights on dimmers. Also, switch to full-spectrum bulbs, which mimic natural light better than standard ones do. "They cost a bit more, but they're worth it because they create a more soothing natural atmosphere," says Dr. Morris.

5. Create pedestrian-friendly paths. "If you can barely get into a chair without banging your leg on the coffee table, or if the path from the sofa to the door is cramped, rearrange your furniture," says Roberts. "Not being able to safely and easily move about produces anxiety--not to mention an easy way to trip or stub a toe."

6. Simplify your color scheme. Use restraint with patterns and loud colors. If you mix patterns, keep their color schemes similar, and if you like lots of colors, keep patterns to a minimum. "If you have too many bright colors or high-contrast patterns in a room, your eyes are going to be drawn all over the place, making it difficult to relax," says Dr. Morris. Simple designs and colors, on the other hand, are soothing. "The less-is-more rule applies to shelves and tabletops too," adds Rien. "Don't fill them just because they're there. Instead, display just a few pieces that are meaningful."

7. Bring the outdoors in. Being surrounded by natural elements encourages friendlier interactions with others, found a University of Rochester study. For a more peaceful home, bring in a couple of houseplants or hang a mirror across from your largest window to maximize outdoor vantage points. If your view includes more buildings than trees, hang landscape photographs on the walls, says Roberts.

8. Use soothing hues. "Generally, we find cool shades of blue and green and neutral earth tones to be relaxing because they remind us of nature," says color expert Leatrice Eiseman, author of Color: Messages and Meanings. If you're not ready to commit to new paint, incorporate a few accessories, such as throw pillows, a quilt, or lamp shades, in calming colors.

9. Switch off electronics.
 To rest easier, remove all televisions and computers from your bedroom. The light emitted by these devices signals the brain to stay awake, interfering with a good night's sleep and leaving you with elevated levels of stress hormones in the morning. If you must keep these gadgets where you sleep, Rien recommends placing the TV in a cabinet and putting a screen between your bed and the computer.

10. Bring your fantasy to life.
 Think about what paradise looks like to you. If it's a tropical island, add sand and sea shades and tropical touches, such as wicker side tables or a sea grass rug. Prefer a mountain cabin or country home? Then add colors, textures, and accessories to your bedroom decor that call those settings to mind. "Design is highly individual, so mine your past experiences and flip through design magazines to identify what elements make a room feel relaxing to you," says Rien. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Life with Emmy

I love being a mom!  But I think it is because God gave me Emmalyn to be a mom to.  She has some of the greatest qualities from both Caleb and me.  

Caleb has always been known by his family as the "sneaky" one.  He has always loved scaring people and getting great reactions from his sneakiness.  Emmy loves "creeping" up on people and then growling at them.  With Caleb being gone for the past year, I know that this is him coming out in her because she hasn't really experience a lot of her Daddy.  It warms my heart so much to see how she resembles him in so many ways.  

She is also very tender-hearted.  Tonight I burned my eyeball (long story) and while I was rinsing it out and trying to figure out if I could see out of it, she was right by my side patting my leg and asking "okay?"  OH MY GOODNESS! Sometimes I wish I could spend a whole day kissing her squishy cheeks, letting her know how much I love her!  

She will also randomly take a break from playing, or dancing, or singing, or whatever she's doing at the time to give me a kiss on the cheek.  This is by far the best part of my day.  

I love being the person she feels safest with.  The person she wants to spend time with and wants to show affection to.  I love that I know her so well.  When she's tired, hungry, needing a "rest" time with a book.  We have so much fun together and knowing that Caleb will be joining in on the fun at end of THIS MONTH makes me love it all the more!  

Our mornings usually start off with breakfast, Dora, and cuddling.  I love Emmy cuddles!

Once nap time is over (and it's a day that I don't have to go to work), we run errands and play.  Since the weather has been so beautiful lately, being outside  has been a must!!!

And watering the flowers with Aunt Crissy when she comes home has become one of Emmy's favorite daily rituals.  She loves showing me how the plants are growing and all of their colors.  She has more of a green thumb than I do!

Then it's dinner time.  Spaghetti is her favorite right now, but requires either no clothes or a massive bib.  Obviously, she doesn't mind from the huge smile on her face.  

After bath time she chills out a bit with some milk and Dora.  

Sometimes, instead of watching Dora, we play Dora, which is just as exciting!  Except she has a purse instead of a backpack... and wears my eye glasses.  

I'm getting more and more excited about adding another child to our mix (not too soon though), because motherhood is the hardest, but more rewarding job I've ever done.  I love this age so much and am SO excited about Caleb getting to experience the fun with me!  
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