Monday, April 2, 2012

Life with Emmy

I love being a mom!  But I think it is because God gave me Emmalyn to be a mom to.  She has some of the greatest qualities from both Caleb and me.  

Caleb has always been known by his family as the "sneaky" one.  He has always loved scaring people and getting great reactions from his sneakiness.  Emmy loves "creeping" up on people and then growling at them.  With Caleb being gone for the past year, I know that this is him coming out in her because she hasn't really experience a lot of her Daddy.  It warms my heart so much to see how she resembles him in so many ways.  

She is also very tender-hearted.  Tonight I burned my eyeball (long story) and while I was rinsing it out and trying to figure out if I could see out of it, she was right by my side patting my leg and asking "okay?"  OH MY GOODNESS! Sometimes I wish I could spend a whole day kissing her squishy cheeks, letting her know how much I love her!  

She will also randomly take a break from playing, or dancing, or singing, or whatever she's doing at the time to give me a kiss on the cheek.  This is by far the best part of my day.  

I love being the person she feels safest with.  The person she wants to spend time with and wants to show affection to.  I love that I know her so well.  When she's tired, hungry, needing a "rest" time with a book.  We have so much fun together and knowing that Caleb will be joining in on the fun at end of THIS MONTH makes me love it all the more!  

Our mornings usually start off with breakfast, Dora, and cuddling.  I love Emmy cuddles!

Once nap time is over (and it's a day that I don't have to go to work), we run errands and play.  Since the weather has been so beautiful lately, being outside  has been a must!!!

And watering the flowers with Aunt Crissy when she comes home has become one of Emmy's favorite daily rituals.  She loves showing me how the plants are growing and all of their colors.  She has more of a green thumb than I do!

Then it's dinner time.  Spaghetti is her favorite right now, but requires either no clothes or a massive bib.  Obviously, she doesn't mind from the huge smile on her face.  

After bath time she chills out a bit with some milk and Dora.  

Sometimes, instead of watching Dora, we play Dora, which is just as exciting!  Except she has a purse instead of a backpack... and wears my eye glasses.  

I'm getting more and more excited about adding another child to our mix (not too soon though), because motherhood is the hardest, but more rewarding job I've ever done.  I love this age so much and am SO excited about Caleb getting to experience the fun with me!  

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