Friday, April 27, 2012

I have a little problem...

See, there's this bird that wakes me up in the mornings by pecking repeatedly at my bedroom window.


I have no idea why he/she does it either.  Maybe it is his own little morse code for his mistress, or he is in the BSS (Bird Secret Service) and no other bird can know what he does in this spare time; or maybe he's just that dumb!  

Either way, his pecking is annoying and it has got to stop!  

As I was explaining this to my husband I felt like Kit in Failure To Launch.

This video make me happy!  

Have any of you ever had an unwanted alarm clock you need to get rid of?

1 comment:

  1. Yes! My dog! When he starts to stir around in the early AM, he subtly likes to let you know that he's ready to go outside. He'll first scratch his neck for a good 5 minutes and let his collar jingle like crazy. Then, if you don't get up, he'll come stand by the bed and just sit there and stare at you and keep taking deep breaths. Then, if that doesn't get us out of the bed, he'll go to the front door and start pawing it over and over and over and over until finally someone, usually my husband, will go let him out! LOL, crazy animals!


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