Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Day He Came Home...

Well, my day started pretty early.  I had taken a sleeping pill the night before because I knew I wasn't going to get much sleep on my own from all the excitement.  It was storming pretty badly so I lit a candle just in case the power went out.  And then I fell asleep (Note: fire and sleeping pills don't mix!).  At about 4am the smoke alarms started going off.  MY BAD!!!!   I got everything under control, but then couldn't go back to sleep so I just took my time getting ready and soaking in the time I had alone.

Crissy and I got a text saying that their plane would be in about 45 minutes sooner than expected - what a great surprise and not like the army at all!
So we rushed to finish getting ready and ran out the door to meet our men (not before putting a little welcome sign on the door first).

As always with the army - Hurry up and wait.  

We had plenty of time to hang out with the other wives before the plane arrived and snapped a few photos in the mean time.

Crissy, Staci (Caleb's commander's fiance), myself

The night before Emmy and I made a sign for Daddy (and Uncle Brandon and Uncle Bill).  She wasn't really interested in holding it though, so I got stuck with it!

All morning Crissy and I kept asking Emmy if she knew who we were going to see and she would say "daddy" with the biggest smile on her face.  To get her to smile for this photo, Crissy said "Daddy's coming!"

Searching for Daddy.

There he is!!!

The smile on her face when she saw him.

She lunged toward him which made his heart happy and mine melt!

The next series of photos show just how in love with her daddy this girl really is.  I mean, the genuine happiness on her face is so apparent!  I love it!  And honestly, it hasn't gone away!

we had to attempt a family pic in the midst of all the chaos, but not everyone was on the same page so this is the best we got

And our 3 favorite soldiers!  The boys are back in town!

After the initial greetings, Caleb and I spent some time together.  We got sushi and Melting Pot dessert!  We spent the rest of our night in a hotel (he had this all planned for a week!).  However, we didn't anticipate the horrible reaction that Emmy would have having both of us gone.  She was apparently pretty concerned that both of us were leaving this time, so we have stayed pretty close since to help reassure her.  She seems to have less anxiety about it now.  

It is so good to have him home!  Now on to finding a job and a place to live!

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