Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nurses Week

In honor of Nurses Week, I'm posting some photos of me and other fabulous nurses I've worked with.

I got to know my best friend in nursing school.  We went to high school together, but didn't really know much about each other then.  I'm so glad God sent her to me.

Us fooling around in class one day near graduation... I think we had senioritis!

This is the gang after our pinning ceremony.  I couldn't have gotten through the last two years of college without these girls!

And official graduation with KB and Sarah!

I started my nursing career working in the NICU.  I LOVED IT!  Best job, except for the night hours and it turning me into a vampire and all : )  I had to leave this job in order to move to Alabama with Caleb for him to start flight school.  

I loved those sweet babies and still go visit the NICU and have actually kept up with a few of the parents that I met while being their child's nurse.

This is a photo from my last shift in the NICU.  There were a lot of tears that night on my part!

 With nursing school classmates at one of their weddings.

 Christmas party at my place with the NICU nurses.

Since working in the NICU, I've worked in the newborn nursery at a hospital in Alabama.  Again, I LOVED IT!  The nurses I worked with were present when Emmy was born and I worked closely with my OB and Emmy's Pediatrician.  I couldn't have asked for better, more supportive people to work with during my first pregnancy.  Especially these two ladies!  

Since moving back to SC I've been working at the same hospital I worked at when I worked in the NICU, but in a PRN position on the sub acute rehab unit.  It has been very different from the babies, but the people make it so much fun!  

I'm now to sad to say I'm leaving sub acute rehab for a full time position on a surgical floor (still at the same hospital).  I'm excited about getting a new set of nursing skills (although I really miss the babies!) and making new friends. Also, three twelve hour shifts a week will be best for my family and allow me to spend more time with Emmy than a five day a week job, and I'm excited to be working a day schedule.

If you come across one, thank a nurse this week.  They really deserve it!

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  1. ok the first picture totally made me laugh! loved seeing all these pics- even though I didn't go through nursing school with you guys, a lot of your friends became my friends and I remember all the stories!

    but kayla - you look like a BABY in some of these! are we getting old?! (please say no!) haha


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