Thursday, May 10, 2012

The "Other Wilkes"

This past weekend Caleb, Emmy, and I traveled to NC to visit his brother, Dan (the one that was in the jumping accident).  All the kids (Micah, Anna, and Abby) were thrilled when we got there and had a ton to show us about their new house.  When we spend time with the "other Wilkes" our time is always packed full of fun.  

First on the agenda, a mohawk for Micah (don't worry, it was only temporary).

Before the haircut

Dan perfecting the mohawk

the awesome result

At first Micah was a little concerned that he was going to look like this forever, but once we assured him that his dad was going to cut it off he got into the posing!

While Micah was getting the rest of his hair buzzed off, we stayed outside playing around.  Anna, my 3rd niece, is such a fun loving kid and is always so happy and ready for fun.  This is her with her mother, my amazing sis in law!

We spent the rest of the day catching up and staying pretty low key.  

The next day, cinco de Mayo, we got ready and headed to a near by strawberry farm.  They had the BEST strawberries!  

Emmy didn't really help too much with the picking and putting in the bucket, she mostly taste tested them.  

 After going home and taking naps we played outside Alecia made burritos and Dan made homemade strawberry ice cream.  The kids rode bikes while I walked.  It got pretty toasty outside and Emmy had eyed the hose, which was out from watering the flowers, and starting playing with it.  Her faces were priceless.  I couldn't stop smiling while watching her and Caleb play with the water hose if I tried.  

We left for home after church on Sunday.  It was great to see the "other Wilkes" especially since they had not seen Caleb in over a year!!  

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  1. We love spending time with you, too! So funny -- we call you the "other Wilkes," too. :) Can't wait to see you next week!!! Love you, sis!


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