Saturday, May 5, 2012

Life with Daddy!

Since Caleb has been home we have stayed pretty busy.  Emmy and I both have had a blast having Daddy around and I think it shows in our smiles and the pounds we are all putting on from all the yummy food that Caleb missed while he was away.  Here are some photos of the past week.

On Sunday, while visiting Grandmama and Granddaddy, we played outside with my old Cabbage Patch Doll and Emmy's doll stroller...

We played on the neighbor's playset

Then Monday afternoon we spent the day at Ama and Bop's playing in Bop's old work truck that once was Emmy's great grandfather's.

After eating our dinner on the swing by the pond, Emmy decided it was time to water the flowers...

And chase the geese.

And go on a nature walk where she "caught" this little bug who decided to stay around a bit.

And of course you have bring along hydration when going on nature walks.

On Tuesday we visited EdVenture.  It was the first time for all of us and I think Daddy had the best time of all - look at that smile!

Caleb forced me down the intestines of Ed, which are made for children, and not moms.

Next we made a stop at the vet office.  Emmy picked a dog to x-ray and groom.

The ship was pretty cool and even had raincoats, lights, and an anchor!

This next photo is actually really funny but requires an explanation...

Caleb was chasing Emmy with some of the wildlife puppets and when Caleb wasn't looking she "got" him, but could only reach his butt.  

Emmy is very aware of Caleb's presence now and loves to cuddle and be silly with him which makes me happy and gives me a break every now and then too.  I'll be posting more soon about our fun as a family of three!

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