Sunday, September 5, 2010

Aimee's Baby Shower

On Friday I, along with two other coworkers, threw a baby shower for our friend and fellow nursery nurse, Aimee.  You might remember her from this post.  Well, now she is 27+ weeks pregnant and looking so great.  She is having a girl and naming her Avery!  We are, however, very sad that we will have to go to Ft. Campbell to meet her since Aimee and her husband are moving there in 3 weeks.  

Anyway, we had a great time at the shower.  It was a bit humid at first, but once the sun started to set things got cooler.  We laughed so much!  

This is Cara and Aimee. They work every shift together!!!  I love them both. 

Emmalyn wanted to be apart of the fun too instead of stuck in her stroller so while I took photo duty, everyone else helped with Emmalyn.

I just love these!  So sassy!

I custom made the piggy bank to match Avery's nursery.  It was so easy and I loved making something personalized for the nursery.  I have a number of other friends who are expecting as well and I think this will be making into their presents too!

Ha.  I just wanted to throw this picture in there because she has an "Elvis" face!

Pretty Mama!

Emmalyn enjoying some time with Cara.

Aimee and Avery

A few of the girls.  From left to right: Brandi, Me, Aimee (Avery), Mandy, Cara and of course Emmalyn.

Kayla : )

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