Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Introduction to Rice Cereal

Since birth Emmalyn has had a bit of a reflux issue that hasn't gotten much better with medication.  Some days are good and others ... not so much.  I talked to our pediatrician about it and her advice was to start her on a few spoon fulls of rice cereal already to see how she took a bland solid.  If it doesn't go well other measures will have to be taken so we are praying that the issue is only reflux and nothing more. 

So, Super Dad Wilkes picked up the rice cereal and gave Emmalyn a bath while I got it ready for her.  As we sat her downt to have her first taste I thought we should get it on video as one of those monumental experiences in a baby's rather repetative life.  However, as before, neither Caleb nor I are very familiar with the video camera so hopefully the quality of the videos only goes up from where they stand now : ) 


Kayla : )

1 comment:

  1. loves the faces! looks like it was successful!


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