Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Weight - 11lbs 8oz (28th percentile)

Height - 23.5 inches (50th percentile)

Size of clothes - mostly 3 months, some 0-3m and some 3-6 (which are a bit big)

Eye color - I would say hazel - they change based on what she wears.  Some days they are blue(r), some days green and some brown.

Sleep - 8hrs, then wakes up to eat and back down for 3-4hrs

Food - she likes rice cereal okay.  Not a fan of bananas.  Really likes strawberries and grapes (we don't give her these things often.  We just let her tasted them in the mesh pacifier)

Milestones -  grabbing toys and shaking them, trying to roll over, giving us a few chuckles when we play with her, kicking when she is happy

Favorite activities -   reading when she is tired, listening to mom sing, playing in the excersaucer, bath time and babbling

Wisdom from mom and dad - Having an infant would be much harder if I was a single parent

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