Monday, August 6, 2012

Our busy weekend

My five glorious days off work are over.  It was well spent and I loved every minute of it.  Sunday was actually the busiest day we had the whole week.  Busy but wonderful! 

We started the day off by attending Caleb's unit's Family Day 2012.  This year Emmy was able to understand what was going on and she had a lot of fun being involved in all the activities the FRG had planned. 

The first part of the day was a presentation to the soldiers who had been on the deployment.  Emmy kept asking where daddy was because most of the soldiers look the same from afar.  I honestly think she thought he was going to be going away again so when the ceremony was over she ran to him and wouldn't let go a quite a while. 

Some clouds were starting to come in so the guys decided to fly the Apache back to base.  While we waited for the check offs and take off, I got a few photos of the Skellys.  They have not had photos taken since their first year of marriage!  

I did get a video of it the start up and take off that I'll try to post later if the upload doesn't take too long.  After watching the apache take off, we took Emmy to play on the playground and of course Ama and Bop had to get Emmy some blueberry Italian ice because it was so hot outside.  From the looks of it, I think she enjoyed the playing and the icy treat.

People kept asking her if she had eaten a Smurf!   

After getting some yummy grub, we headed home to get washed up (aka scrub Emmy's mouth and hope the blue would come off ) and take a short nap before we headed to our next party of the day - Porter's birthday party at Monkey Joe's!  I was expecting Emmalyn to be really shy at Monkey Joe's with all the kids running and jumping all around he, but she surprised me.  She had so much fun (I think daddy did too!)

After the kids got tired from hours at Monkey Joe's, we ventured to Mellow Mushroom to treat them to pizza.  Pizza is about all Emmy will eat these days, and I'll feed her anything she'll eat to increase her weight, so this was a perfect choice and little bit loved it!

Before calling it a night, Beth and I decided we needed a photo together (which turned into a photoshoot with the kids).  

Here is Porter looking very handsome!

And, my favorite part of the day was the good bye.  I told Emmy to tell Porter happy birthday because we were going to go home and when I turned around, this is what I saw.

OH MY GOSH!  What a sweet friendship these two have!  I love it and makes my heart melt (I'm pretty sure Caleb cringed when he saw it though.)

When we got home Emmy decided to model her play heels a bit. 

As soon as I think she is turning into such girly girl, she decides to go all silly on me and run around the house singing and screaming.  It really is cute.  Caleb and I were just watching her run around with such energy and I asked what we did before she came along.  I mean, how did I not think our lives were boring?

I just love this kid and her different faces and her love for life and how she makes me light up!  I hope she will be a light for Christ to others as she lights up our lives!

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