Monday, August 13, 2012

49 years young

Today is my mother's 49th birthday.  We celebrated her birthday yesterday since everyone had to work today.  My dad cooked a yummy dinner and afterwards we had cake and ice cream (which Emmy picked out!).  While we waited for dinner to be finished Emmy played around with her toys and by the time dinner was done, Caleb looked like this: 

Such a girl's daddy!  

And, the cake Emmy picked out.  It had to be pink and purple!


And this is the 49 year old Memama!


When you're the only grandchild, you always get to help blow out the candles for everybody's birthday!


After dinner we played outside some with the dogs - but I mostly just cared about playing with Dixie.  Since she moved in with my parents she has gained so much weight!  Girl needed some exercise!

And she got it!  I think this photo is hilarious!

And this is just a random photo that I caught of Caleb.  He is actually sideways (which is why the left side of this face looks swollen).

After making Dixie get some laps in, Emmy decided to try swinging.  This was a big deal because she hasn't (up until now) really liked swinging - so we were all really excited for her to take the the plunge!  She seemed to love it!

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