Friday, August 24, 2012

My Favorite Things

I've been wanting to have a "My Favorite Things" party.  I'm sure most of you know what it is, but if you don't I'll explain. 

You get 6-10 of your girlfriends together for drinks and hor dourves, and everyone brings 6-10 (depending on how many people are at the party) of their favorite thing (between $5-$8) to give out.  As everyone eats and drinks, you go around explaining why it is your favorite thing.  At the end of the party, you have a bag full of useful products, that maybe you hadn't tried, or didn't even know existed.  I think it is genius! 

So, I decided to show you a few of my favorite things. 

These Vidal Sassoon clips are so great to have around!  They are just the right size for my hair, can hold a little or a lot of hair, and they are cheap! 
My mom has always only used OPI brand nail polish and every time I venture out for a cheaper brand, I always end up coming back to OPI.  They have so many colors available and the paint goes on so even.  

My ghd straightener is my daily buddy and goes with me whenever I go somewhere over night.  It smooths my kinky hair very quickly and only takes 1 minute to heat up!

My best friend, KB, turned me on to this mascara and I don't think I will ever use anything else.  I love Maybelline's mascaras and this one, topped with another formula and some eyeliner makes my eyes look super dramatic. 

And last, Rainbow sandals.   These are a southern girl's footwear staple!  They are durable, the brown color makes a white girl's feet look tan, and they go with almost anything.  They are definitely my go to shoe from March till September!

So tell me, do you think the "My Favorite Things" party is a good idea and what would you bring?


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