Friday, August 3, 2012

Organizing with purpose

I've had this incessant need lately to organize my entire life (as much as I can that is).  I mean down to the smallest of things.  I guess the need comes from the 7 moves we've had in 5 years, adding another person to mix, Caleb going back to school, me juggling two jobs, and thinking about homeschooling in the coming years.  I think I'm making Caleb crazy but I see it as a good thing for our future.  If we know where things are now, it will be easier to pack and unpack them when we buy a house and there's no "hey, do you remember what we did with (fill in blank here)?"  My intentions are legitimate, it's just that the ways in which I get there are complex and even though they all make sense in my head they don't always make sense to others.

My biggest organization nemesis is mail.  Piles and piles of it.  Granted, each pile has a category but they just keep getting bigger.  So with all the things that need to be organized and the fact that I get overwhelmed easily, I'm starting this "organizing with purpose" obsession with some goals. 

Now, this will be a long list of goals and it isn't going to take just a month to do it all.  I'm not going to set a deadline or attempt a certain goal in any sort of order.  I will be reposting the list as I finish an item with it crossed off so I can keep up with my progress.  With that said, here is the list...

Organizational goals
~ figure out a system for mail - what needs to be filed, sent off, replied to etc.
~ organize photos - both on computers and prints
~ cleaning supplies
~ organize clothes (winter/summer and color)
~ organize functional needs in bathrooms (shampoos, face washes, razors, etc)
~ organize those important, keep forever papers (i.e. medical records, SS cards, manuals, car titles)
~ craft closet - too much to explain
~ photography props
~ figure out my families "go to dinners" and the ingredients so I make sure whenever I go grocery shopping I get them so we always have something on hand that I know everyone with eat
~ organize magazines and favorite articles
~ laundry room
~ make a cleaning schedule
~ organize car (I keep a first aid kit in the car and extra clothes for E now that we are potty training)

I'm sure there's more I'm missing and I might add more along the way, but for now this is my organization wish list.  I'll be keeping you posted on how it is going.

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  1. i didn't know you were thinking about homeschooling! i know you are a busy woman but we need to catch up soon!!


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