Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A day off from our busy life

And, a week later I'm back.  Things are going full force, but great with us!  I have to say I love not having to change any diapers.  I feel like Emmy is growing up so fast! 

I'm working on a few projects around the house, but took a break from everything to hang out with my long lost brother in law, Joel (aka Uncle Jo Jo).  Yesterday, Jo Jo, Daddy, Emmy, Ama, Bop and I went to the zoo.  The weather was beautiful and everyone seemed to have a great time.

Other than viewing animals, Emmy rode the carousel, ate ice cream, and took a ride on the train.  She chose the yellow cart.

After riding the train and feeding the goats, Ama wanted to feed the parakeets.   I do love this part of our zoo.  The let you purchase small amounts of nectar and feed the birds in an inclosed area.  The birds are very tame and hungry.  

Emmy definitely kept her eye on the birds at all times. 

Ama and Bopa really got into too!

Caleb even found some humor in our day.

Emmy had such a good day with so many people that love her.  She took a long nap afterwards and didn't even wake up until 10am this morning! 


In other news, I'm so excited that I'll be joining the smart phone community (finally) in a couple of days (when my new phone comes in the mail).  #movingonup

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