Monday, May 16, 2011

This weekend was low key but great!  On Friday night Emmy and I met up with my mom and dad to eat dinner.  We had a great time and Emmy was happy and came with a big appetite.  Someone in the restaurant even commented on how well she ate - even though I'm happy she loves to eat and isn't very picky, it doesn't help my checkbook at all!

On Saturday I had a photo shoot some Crissy babysat and apparently Emmy had a great time on their adventure to Home Depot because she was so happy all day!  While we ate dinner we skyped with Caleb and he got to see first hand how well she's been eating.  It was almost like having dinner together as a family.  We cleared the table and Emmy helped me unload the dishwasher.  After dinner we went for a walk around the neighborhood and Emmalyn was so curious about everything.  It was so cute! 

On Sunday we went to Lexington Baptist Church (we are still looking around for churches and I have every Sunday for the next month lined up to visit various churches around the area).  My brother came with us, so we got to spend some time with him afterwards.  Then, we all took a three hour nap.  I woke up feeling AMAZING so Crissy, Katie Beth, and I decided to go see Bridesmaids.  We dropped Emmy off at my parents' and headed on our way.  We left the theater laughing!  It was such a funny movie!  

We got more skype time with Caleb on Sunday too.  Emmalyn loves to talk to her Daddy!  He was pointing to the different parts of his face and saying what they were (ie nose, eye, ear, mouth) and she caught on and started pointing to various parts of his face on the monitor.  It makes my heart happy every time I see them communicating so well despite the current 800 miles in between them. 

Now we are gearing up for a busy week.  I'm trying to find a PRN job and keep up with lots of taking and editing photos. We are also starting some new things with Emmy this week (whole milk, and purchasing a potty).  I don't plan to start potty training too soon, but I do want to have a potty (is this even the correct term for the mini plastic bowls that kids go in? ) ready for when she gets the hang of walking and so she can be familiar with them instead of introducing it to her and starting training all at once.  
This is kind of the same strategy that I'm using with swimming.  I want her to be comfortable in the water and to trust me before we do anything drastic so right now whenever we go to the pool we are taking it easy and just having fun.  Emmalyn seems to be pretty fond of our pool trips and I can't wait to go this week.  

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