Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our Love Story - Part III

The youth group of the church I attended always goes to a convention called Breakaway in June.  I was so excited to go with everyone that year.  Plus, Caleb and Mike would be there!

I ended up having to go a day late due to dance but I was so excited to get there and see my friends.

The night I got there I sat beside Mike and after the sermon he gave me a hug.  Even though we had been flirting for a while I think both of us knew we didn't belong together, but I could see in the corner of my eye that Caleb was watching and maybe looked a little jealous.  Still, all Caleb said to me the entire night was "hey, glad you made it."

The next day my friends and I headed to the beach.  The boys were there too ; )  We all ventured into the water and Caleb and I were flirting up a storm teenage style.  He would pick me up and dip me in the water and of course I would say "no, stop, ha ha!"  even though I really loved it!

After playing around for a while Caleb and I went to the patio area and started talking.  He asked me about my family and the role Jesus had in my life.  I was hooked!  Hot, athletic, and God-fearing.  What a catch!  But I kept asking myself why and if he did like me.

That night after dinner and a sermon some of us staying inside to watch Remember the Titans.  I was late to the movie because two of my friends were having a drama moment, but once we got to the sanctuary where they had the movie projected, Caleb motioned to me because he had saved me a seat beside him.

I don't remember a thing that happened in the movie because my heart was beating so fast and I had butterflies in my stomach.  However, on the other side of him was a girl who also liked Caleb.  They were sharing a chair for their feet and she was sitting mighty close to him and moving closer every 5 minutes it seemed.  So, while pretending to watch the movie I was trying to figure out if I had read his signals wrong at the beach earlier that day.  I thought he like me.  I mean he saved me a seat, he dunked me repeatedly in the ocean and we had a great conversation.  I didn't understand!  My heart was beating even faster now.  Just when I thought it was hopeless I felt his arm brush up against mine and suddenly he grabbed my hand.

I think I was stiff for about three minutes because I was so surprised.  I could hear my friends behind us whispering in delight and finally started to relax a little.  Now, my mind was running 1000 miles a minute!  "Is this really happening?!  Does he really like me?"

After the movie he walked me to my room and we said goodnight.  All the while we were holding hands and everyone noticed.  Even the guys because as we were all walking back to the rooms Caleb's friend, Ryan yelled "yeah Caleb!" and everyone heard.  I think we both turned fifteen shades redder at that moment.

However, when I walked into the room I was staying in I was greeted with not so encouraging words by my roommates.  I went to sleep that night thinking that Caleb just held every girl's hand who showed him interest and it wasn't a big deal.  I had no idea what had just happened.  Was it for real?  Did he like me or was he leading me on?

I turned Amanda for help.  We talked about it along with Ben, her now husband and Mike's brother.  Did you catch all of that : )  Anyway, they both agreed that I should just talk to Caleb about it and find out what the heck was going on with us (if there was an us) directly from him.

Apparently Caleb was thinking the same thing so he found me and asked if we could go for a walk on the beach.  This would be the most awkward, but amazing walk I would ever go on...

This is Amanda and me after dinner one night during Breakaway.  I have no idea what happened to all of the other photos from the trip.

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