Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our Love Story - Part IV

We started walking toward the ocean.  It was a beautiful morning but pretty windy.  Once we got to the beach we turned left and quickly realized we were walking into the wind and could barely hear what each other was saying.  This is what made it so awkward.

As we walked side by side and I tried hard to keep my balance (if you know me you know I'm a klutz), Caleb told me he did have feelings for me, but he didn't want anyone especially a girl to come in between his relationship with Christ (*what 16 year old boy says that?!).  I agreed (I think I would have agreed to anything at that moment) and we turned around began to walk back when Caleb asked to hold my hand *insert giddy smile here*

Two days later we were back home and I was nervous.

For years my parents told me I couldn't date until I turned 16 and I still had one month until my 16th birthday.  However, I didn't mention this to Caleb and was scared that if he knew I couldn't go on a date with him for a whole month (that's a really long time to a teenager) he wouldn't want to be with me.  Looking back now, I didn't know Caleb very well back then.  Anyway, I had a heart to heart with my dad about he told us we could go out with groups until I my birthday.  Surprised, Caleb was cool about it and so started our courtship.

We had no idea what we were in for...

A few weeks later we were at a friend's house to celebrate the Fourth of July and went on yet another walk by ourselves while the burgers were grilling.  I had wanted to kiss Caleb for so long and had already decided that this would be the perfect time for that perfect first kiss.

So, we walked and talked for a few minutes then stopped.  We stood in front of each other and our heads starting moving closer and closer.  I was thinking, "I can't believe this is happening!!!!!!!!!!!!"  But as our lip lock session continued, it got worse and worse.  Honestly, it sucked and we both knew it.  Granted by this time in our lives Caleb had only kissed one other girl and I had only kissed three other guys so we weren't exactly seasoned veterans at tonsil hockey.

Afterwards, I felt so stupid!  I was so insecure about our relationship to begin with and even more now that I was horrible at kissing.  Nevertheless, Caleb brushed it off and two weeks later he showed up at my door with a bouquet of flowers dressed in my favorite shirt of his with big plans for our first date...

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