Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our Love Story - Part VIII

Our wedding day did not start off as a fairy tale!

On the way to the church I was involved in a hit and run, so I was on the phone with a police officer for a good portion of the morning.

After getting to the church I realized I had lost both guarders.  Thank goodness for bridesmaids because Ashley picked up one from a bridal shop on her way to the church.  The guarders have never been found.

About an half an hour before the ceremony was supposed to start, my mom's best friend walked into the dressing room and said something about a fire.  Apparently the sanctuary caught on fire!  I had such great bridesmaids because they all decided to tell everyone not to mention the fire since it was put out and taken care of without me finding out.  They didn't want to stress me out, but someone didn't get the memo!  I freaked out for a second until I realized it was all okay.

Once the ceremony started I didn't even realize that there was anyone else present.  I cried as my dad held me tight down the aisle and couldn't stop smiling once I laid eyes on Caleb.

The reception went well with no surprises.  My favorite part was our first dance.  A friend of ours wrote a song just for our first dance and sang it.  It was perfect!

We left the reception around 7:30pm and headed to spend our first night together in our new apartment.  We were so happy!  My mom had packed us a basket of food from the reception and Ashley (the bridesmaid that saved the guarder toss) gave us some champagne.  The night was better than I had imagined it would be and waking up to my husband the next morning was a beautiful sight!

However, it was a conversation we had four months later that really changed our lives forever...

The song that was written for our first dance.

~ “Awaken My Love" 
I’ve held captive hope.
Kept dreams in their sleep.
I’ve held back the dawn of morning.
I’ve thought all was lost, and love must be through…
Until all of my waiting became about you.
Awaken my love!
Come captivate me.
Awaken the dawn and set my heart free.
Awaken a song!
Lead my first dance.
Come heaven to bless this patient romance.
I hold out my arms—please do not delay!
The hope of your coming fills me every day.
Awaken my love (2x).
Awaken a song and a dance.
Awaken my heart (2x).

Come heaven and bless this patient romance.

Photos from June 30, 2007

The origin of the fire.

Caleb with our adorable nephew and ring bearer, Micah.

The bridesmaids and me.  Clockwise - Me, Ashley(friend), Alecia(sister in law), Mari Beth(cousin), Sara(sister in law), Sarah(friend), Katie Beth(friend).

Me with one of the flower girls (we had two).  Her daddy is the friend that wrote our song.

Ashley and me

Does my dad look scared or what?  I thought a vein in his forehead was going to explode because he was holding my arm so tight and was trying his hardest not to cry.

Caleb with the other flower girl, our niece, Lynsey.

Guarder toss

During the champagne toast someone said something that made me cry.  

On the way to our home...Together!

Husband and wife for 24 hours in Miami.  We left the next day on a cruise.  It was a great honeymoon!

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