Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our Love Story - Part II

In high school I was one busy girl.  I was a part of a ballet company and had at least two dance classes Monday through Thursday and sometimes on Friday.  I was making good grades and had started going to church with a new friend.

Now, you should know that I asked Jesus into my heart when I was eleven years old.  However, I didn't really understand what that meant until my junior year of college, but that's an entirely different story with many parts as well.  However, visiting this new church with my new friend helped soften me so that I could understand what the sacrifice of Christ really means.  I met so many great people there.  One of them being Caleb.

When I saw Caleb for the first time at a youth function I couldn't believe it was him.  He had braces (no more gap!), a new haircut, and a tan.  It was seriously a scene from the teenage movies where the guy walks in and this awesome rock music starts playing and there's a halo of light surrounding him and its all in slow motion.  You know you are picturing your it guy in the same scene right now : )

A group of us started hanging out a lot together, Caleb included.  I loved spending time with this group of people because they were christians, had a sense of humor, and Caleb was there.

While in high school I was on the yearbook staff.  While on the staff I was an editor, but I started taking photos of school events for the book to learn more about photography.  I started really getting into taking photos but what really made me more enthusiastic about taking photos for the yearbook, was going to wrestling practices and tournaments and soccer practices and weekly games.  Why you ask?  Caleb played soccer and was on the wrestling team in high school.  I didn't make it obvious or anything!  *sarcasm

Once everyone in our group of friends figured out that I had the hots for Caleb they didn't let it go, so soon after, Caleb started to pick up on it (I'm sure if he were telling this story it would be completely different).

At this point Caleb and I sat at lunch together, with a few other people.  One being the husband of my housemate at the moment, but that, again, is for a different post.

Caleb and I started writing notes to each other during classes and handing them off at lunch.  They were mostly about what we were doing that day, but there was one particular note that Caleb didn't give me until lunch was over and he seemed kind of nervous about.  I read it on the way to my third block and stopped in my tracks and started smiling.  The entire note was flirting and at the end there was an old school "choose one" question.
The question was:
 Do you like me?

And my choices were:
yes, you are the hottest guy I know
yes, I can't live without you
Of course!

In my 15 year old mind this note showed that he did like me, but I didn't want to be too sure so I let some people read it and give their feedback.  Remember, I was 15.  The feedback was possitive so I confronted Caleb about it after school on his way to soccer practice.  I'm thinking this was mid April 2001.

When I asked him about it (which by the way, took lots courage on my part) he shut me down.  He told it was a joke and he didn't mean for me to take it the wrong way.

I left school so bummed!  I didn't do well in any of my dance classes that afternoon.  I was heartbroken!

So, my conclusion was to get over him and turn my attention to someone else.  So I started liking my friend Mike.  He lived across the street so we saw each other a lot and he was so nice and easy to talk to and not to mention a christian.  However, things just never seemed right with him and we never made it past friends and Caleb was always in the back of my mind.

Then summer approached...

My dance crew in between classes.

My friend Amanda who started taking me to church with her (we both met our husbands there!)

The Lexington High School junior yearbook staff.

Caleb in 9th grade.  I laugh at this photo because he looks way better now.

Soccer stud!

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