Friday, April 29, 2011

I know I'm a mom when...

~ I get excited about having some time by myself after Emmy goes to sleep

~ I have to leave somewhere early because Emmy is beyond the point of needing a nap

~ I lick my finger and rub it on Emmy's face to get food stains off her mouth

~ I find snacks, pacifiers, and random shoes in my purse

~ I know what "na na" means

~ I barely get to eat a meal when Emmy is awake because she either wants what I have or I'm busy cutting hers up into little pieces.

~ My left arm has become a lot stronger than before due to chronic child on hip syndrome

~ I know what Emmalyn is about to do based on her facial expressions (ie., poop, crawl on the dogs, touch something she shouldn't, get fussy because she's tired, want milk etc.)

~ I cried the first time I left her in the nursery at chuch

~ I don't know what to do with myself when she's not around

~ I'm about to leave the house and have to go through my checklist of possibly needed items for our outing.

~ I always know if she needs to poop or not

~ I always stop by the sale racks at Target whenever I go to see if any clothes for Emmy are on it for upcoming seasons.

~ I find myself thinking "I can't believe she's mine"
However, technically she's on loan from God because He made her and He is her Father first and foremost, but he chose Caleb and me to raise her and I'm very thankful for this very important job everyday.

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