Friday, April 22, 2011

Strawberry Picking

Yesterday Emmalyn and I took our first trip to pick strawberries.  My husband thinks it is so crazy that I've never done this because he went all the time with his family as a young boy and has fond memories of it.  There is a place just a few miles from our new home that has fresh strawberries for picking.  We had such a fun time as a family doing this, and man were those strawberries juicy!

First, Caleb fed Emmy one while I picked.

Then he handed her off to me so he could pick out "the really good ones."

To say she LOVED them is an understatement!  If we were holding her and picked a strawberry she would open her mouth so wide (refer to previous post) and expect that it was for her to eat.  She was a mess by the time we left, but this mama anticipated that and put her in overalls!

Then, we let her loose!

It was such a sweet day!  When we got home Emmy napped while I made homemade strawberry bread (and munched on some strawberries while making it).  I think we need to  make this an annual family outing!  

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