Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Sick Day

My original plan today was to blog about the gorgeous new area my in laws moved to, but I woke up and felt like a dozen MAC trucks hit me!  With body aches and a fever of 102 my plans for the day changed.  I want to know how single moms do this when they feel this bad?  I have such great people surrounding me and so much support that people have been fighting for when they get to keep Emmalyn.  However, this mama is having a hard time with it.  On one hand, I don't want her to get sick and don't have a husband to take care of her while I rest, and on the other hand I feel selfish not being able to take care of her on my own.  What is the right answer?  I eventually came to the conclusion to let my friends and family keep her for the day so I could rest and she will come home tonight to sleep in her own bed.  
I don't want her to think both parents have left her and it breaks my heart to (1) think that she could possibly think that and (2) that she might catch what I have a feel this bad.  

Well, we will see how it goes.  She only been away from me for half an hour and I can't stop crying.  I know, I'm crazy!  I just love that child so much and even though I have such wonderful people willing to help m with her, I feel like no one can care for her like I do.  I know her inside and out and the only other person who knows her that well is her daddy, who can't be here to help us.  

Anyway, I'll leave you with some photos I took of the property my in laws moved to.  It is beautiful!

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