Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Short, Surprise Visit

Today I'm feeling much better!  Caleb's commander let him come home for 24 hours to help take care of me and Emmalyn.  He's spending most of his time with Emmy and staying a good distance away from me, but knowing that she is in the care of her daddy makes both her and me feel much better!  She is just so happy that he is here and that puts a smile on my face!

Before Caleb picked her up, she stayed at three different places and everyone said she did so well at each place.  She had her first taste of formula last night and I first wouldn't take it because she wasn't use to the nipple, but eventually she got it and didn't get sick at all.  I have been trying to wean her from nursing lately and this is helping with that.

When I called my parents last night to check on her she sounded like she was having a blast!  So, it seems like I'm the only one sad about this situation, but I'm feeling better and better about her being in the care of others.  

I hope you all are healthy and happy!

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