Tuesday, April 26, 2011

He is Risen!!!

Our Easter was wonderful!  Church was full of random announcings of "He is risen!"   "He is risen indeed!"  Anna kept saying it over and over all day and it brought a smile to my face every time!

After church we went back to the in law's house to eat an amazing lunch and get some Easter photos.
Alecia asked me to take some photos of the kids with the baby chicks.  I felt very honored because her mother and step sister are great photographers and I'm a little behind both of them so I was happy to try out my skills with my nieces and nephew.

Anna is such a happy girl!

So adorable!

The family!

Mama and Abby

Love how candid this shot is!  

My very-in-love in laws!

Our little family.  I had a pretty dress on, but changed to take photos of the kids.  I can't really crawl all over the ground to get photos with a dress on.

And while we were attempting to get a family Easter photo, Ama and Micah were playing around.  I LOVE that I got this photo of the two of them.  It is precious!

Lynda also wanted a photo of her sons.  This is a lot more complicated than you would think.  They misbehave just like little kids!  I got ONE good one!

We also decided to get just a few photos of Joel by himself.  He graduates from USC in two weeks and his last photo of himself was his football photo from high school.  

Monday was spent relaxing from the weekend.  It was such a great weekend!  Now, to get working on my tan.



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  1. saw all these pics on facebook and i LOVED them. everyone looks so pretty!


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