Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Productive Saturday

Hi guys!  Today has been one very productive Saturday.  I started it off by helping my parents organize a few places in their home.  There is thirty years of stuff piled in random places so we have started to go through what is needed and what can be parted with.  It is actually fun.  Once the major organization is done they are going to move to a diy kitchen renovation.  I'm so excited!  It won't be substantial, mostly painting, new countertops, a new stove, and maybe a new floor... Okay, maybe it will be a big job!

After that I came home to find my housemate doing the same thing!  Since we moved in with Crissy (a fellow army wife whose husband is the same unit as Caleb) we have gotten rid of a lot.  I've used the motto- if it hasn't been used in six months then you don't need to keep it!  I love being organized!!!

Another thing that I've needed to organize is my time.  I've realized that I need to make more time for my friend Jesus.  Crissy's mom got us a bible study book written by another military wife, Sara Horn.  It's called Tour of Duty.  I haven't gotten too far into the study, but so far it is intriguing and very true!

Also, Crissy and I have been booked out plane tickets and hotel for our trip to Fort Hood.  We are excited to say the least.  There's so much we would like to do while we are there!

There are a lot of design and organization that I'll be posting on later, but now I'm heading to bed!  Today has been exhausting!

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  1. Hey!! Haley and I just got back from Fort Hood. You have to go to Topsey Exotic Animal farm. It was a blast!! But becareful of the camel, he will stick his ENTIRE head in your car so fast you wont even have time to react!! The Waco Zoo is great too. It was so much fun and I was so glad to get to spend that extra time with my hubby before he has to leave. If you need anything at all, let me know!! P.S. I absolutely LOVE your blog and your pics.


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