Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Got a fever???

Does anyone have baby fever from this blog yet?  This post might send you over the top...If not, I've got more cuteness coming.

Meet Ellasyn.  Her mother, Elizabeth, and I lived together in college and have lots of memories...Now we are expanding our families together within weeks of each other.  While I was in SC Ellasyn decided to make her world debut, so I got to meet her!  Of course I couldn't wait to take some pictures.

I just think this is precious. She has long fingers like her momma!

Also while in SC, I met up with my friend April who is due with yet another girl just a week before Emmalyn is due.  I finally got to meet her sweet husband Stephen.  April mentioned a while back that she liked one of the mod podge frames I decorated in Emmalyn's room, so I thought I'd make her a couple of things for Ansley's room.

Here, is a picture frame I mod podged and personalized for Miss Ansley.  I LOVE it - if I do say so myself!

Next I decorated this plaque.  After I took the picture I added green ribbon through the top holes so that I could be hung.  I told April she could either use it as is as door decor or hot glue/staple two rows of ribbon to the bottom for a bow holder.  Now, I'm off to make one for Emmalyn.

Kayla : )

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  1. Oh my goodness I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a plaque like that like with the wavy edges!! Where did you get it and where did you get that cute "a" that is on it?!!


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