Monday, May 17, 2010

Emmalyn's Room - so far

So, it is still not complete, but she won't be sleeping in her room for a few months anyway.  Here is the progress so far... There's only a little more left to do!

This is her temporary monogram.  A friend is painting one but I wanted something above the crib for the time being.  Next I will be hanging the canopy above the monogram.  So excited about that part!

Caleb hung the chandelier that my friend Emily redid from a thrift store.  I love it so much!  I still have to  put fabric on the lamp shade, but am waiting to get it in the mail.

Another view of the room

The hanging outfit is actually what she will be coming home in.

Her closet.  The shoe organizer will hold her shoes, head bands and hats.  The bins below have random things in them like extra diapers, blankets, toys etc.  Maybe I'll get around to making some tags to hang from them.

I'm thinking this will be my favorite spot.  Once the cushions are finished on the glider, I can't wait to sit here with her and sing or read and breast feed.

This sign is hanging above the entrance door.  I love this song and can imagine that I'll be singing it a lot in the next few years.

Lately, I've also been working on jazzing up some of her plain onesies. I definitely have left a few alone because when it gets cooler she might need that extra layer of clothing, but since she'll be facing the hot months on July and August apon her arrival, a onesie and a cute skirt or shorts seems like a great outfit!  I ordered these appliques from etsy at around $1-$3 a piece and ironed them on myself, which was super easy.  Now all she needs are a few matching bows!!!!

Kayla : )


  1. I am in LOVE with these onesies! I don't even have a baby but I want some.

    p.s. - what a fancy room miss emmalynn is going to have! love the chandelier.

  2. What a sweet nursery! Lovin the ruffles on the curtains! I'm working on something like that for my little girls room right now! Love it!!! and those onesies...OMgoodness:0)!

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  4. (Kayla I was trying to have it show my name and not my email address. Sorry.) Miss Emmalyn is so lucky to have you and Caleb as her parents. God truly has brought a wonderful family together...and I love the nursery!!!


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