Thursday, May 20, 2010

Prego Update

Today I went to the doctor to get a few things checked out.  We started off having an ultrasound to check Emmalyn's placement and the placenta placement and thank the Lord everything is fine and a natural birth can be attempted.  In case you didn't know, the placenta was over my cervix for awhile and if it would have stayed there my only option of getting Emmalyn out was a c-section.  And I say that a natural birth can be attempted because we definitely want for Emmalyn to make her debut via the "good ole" way, but know that it is not in our hands and even after labor starts a c-section is still a route out if things do not go well.

Anyway, I had my group beta strep drawn - the cells are now growing in the lab... juicy huh?  We will know results at my next visit.  By the time we left the doctor's office we knew that Emmalyn weighs approximately 6 pounds, is measuring right on track with her due date and I'm barely dilated.  I'm anxious to get there next week to see if there is anymore progress toward labor starting.

For the past week I have been having some braxton hicks contractions and in the past 2 days they have definitely gotten more intense and are happening more often.  Still nothing that hurts, but I can really feel them now whereas a week ago I barely knew I was having one until I or Caleb would touch my belly and it felt rock hard.

So, long story short, everything seems to be happening like it should.  Granted I'm so ready to hold my child in my arms, I know that God is keeping her safe inside me until he is ready to set her loose to Caleb and me :)

Caleb talks about the labor and has been asking a lot of questions lately.  He says he doesn't know how good of a father he will be because it will all be so new.  Even though I know he will be great because God is our savior and he already loves her so much, I'm still praying that he isn't too freaked out.

So, the picture today is of me at 35 and 4 days.  It is a horrible picture and I debated on whether or not to post it, but I figured it can't be any worse than the pictures that will surface of the actual labor, so just to give you a mental image of how big this belly is and how big the rest of me has gotten...  Here ya go.

I think this weekend I'm going to put together a picture collage to see the belly progress from last fall until now.  This should make me want to go for a jog after Emmalyn's born!

Kayla : )

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