Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Around the House

So today I stayed home and vegged out!  It has been great!  I worked until 1am last night (this morning) so I i figured with the weather being so humid and little sleep, I deserved a day to myself.

I cleaned a lot of the house, edited some pictures from an engagement shoot that I'm rather happy with, and put a few things in the house.  I also got to watch the first episode of The Bachelorette without my husband "the peanut gallery" and it was great.  Not sure how next week will go :)

Here are a few pictures from life lately.

I received this inspirational book from a fellow nurse at work.  I've read a few stories out of it so far and am loving it.  It's kind of like the Chicken Soup for the Soul books.  As I anxiously wait for my daughter to arrive, things like this will help a lot. 

Caleb got an XBOX 360 so we decided to get netflix as well since they have the instant que and we have definitely used it a lot!  

Have I mentioned how much I'm obsessed with Etsy?  Well, I ordered this vinyl and had some scrap wood around so I had Caleb cut it and I painted it and then added the vinyl and ribbon.  The paint color was a difficult decision because I plan on redoing the colors of the laundry room and needed to figure out decor.  I decided to make it a gamecock theme.  Since moving there is no room that would really accommodate garnet and black decor so I figured the laundry room could be my "fun" room.  I'm excited!  So, here is the first addition! 

Again, I LOVE etsy!  I have been wanting a sign like this for years and finally found one at a decent price that matched the colors I wanted as well.  I'm just so happy with it.  It is hung above our front door.

So, there goes my Monday.  We are still waiting patiently for the days to pass by until Emmalyn gets here.  25 days left!  I'm still working about 4-6 hours at a time to keep the swelling down, but also get out of the house and walk some.  However, I think more walking will be beneficial to assisting Emmalyn to move down more.  We will see if it works!

Kayla : )

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  1. Ooh, I want that sign -- well with 2001 of course. Where did you get that?

    And, I am praying for you daily. :) I love you, sis!


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