Sunday, May 30, 2010

All My Bags Are Packed...

... I'm ready to go - if only Emmalyn felt the same urgency.

So, we've finally made it to week 37 - FULL TERM!  HALLELUJAH!

How far along?   37 weeks and 1 day
Total weight gain/loss:  35 pounds
Maternity clothes? Mostly
Stretch marks?   Still the one on my hip, but none on the belly
Sleep:  Lately I've been very anxious just wondering when she will come and thinking about how my life is about to change so dramatically.  It has been hard to sleep at night, but I've gotten really good at cat naps (about 1 hour long) which I guess is good prepping for a newborn.
Best moment this week:  Getting some compliments from the ladies at work.  I feel so huge and even strangers have not been shy about telling me their opinions of how big I am, but just one compliment makes me feel like this is so worth it.
Movement:  ummmm.. YES!  she shook the whole bed that other night as she was trying ot get comfortable inside me.  
Cravings:  crushed ice - I eat it all the time!
Gender:   GIRL!!!! - Emmalyn!
Labor Signs:  Still having braxton hicks contractions.  I am currently a centimeter dilated and I'm still working and trying to walk a lot to get things moving along.
Belly Button in or out?  FLAT!
What I miss: Not too much.  I think there is just so much to look forward to that I don't have time to think about the things I'm "missing"
What I am looking forward to:  starting labor.  I'm anxious to know what it is going to feel like and how it will start and how Caleb is going to react : )
Weekly Wisdom: I got some great advice from my sister-in-law yesterday.  She said that even though I want this child to come out and can't wait to care for her, I need to use the last few days/weeks to take care of myself and do things that I want to do without having to think about carrying a child with me.  So, I think this week I am going to get a pedicure, lay out at the lake with some friends, and rent a few movies.
Milestones: making it to 37 weeks!

I have all our stuff packed and ready to go.  I might go ahead and put our bags in the trunk of the car.  I have everything needed for our hospital stay.  A bag for Emmalyn, one for me, and my breast pump - just in case!  AND, how could I forget the cameras!  The labor and delivery nurses know my flexible birth plan and my dear friend Mandy has even volunteered to take very newborn pictures of Emmalyn at the hospital.  My mom and dad even have their bags packed so they will be able to leave soon after we call them.  Caleb is getting the phone tree together so he won't be on the phone the whole time.  There are so many people just waiting for this one child.  I feel so blessed to still have a healthy child.  I know she probably needs to do a little more cooking, but I'm very much looking forward to the timer going off.

Kayla : )


  1. I can't believe it's almost time to meet your sweet girl! It's been fun watching you grow throughout your pregnancy! You are beautiful no matter how much Miss Emmalyn pushes your belly out! You wear pregnancy very well! I hope she comes soon! Enjoy your last few days....definitely go get a spa pedi!

  2. I definitely agree with your weekly wisdom. I love my sweet girl so much but I wish I would have done more "me" things right before she was born!! :)


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