Friday, April 30, 2010

Surprise Baby Sho(o)wer

Last Friday, the always thoughtful Crissy Skelly, with the help of a few others, managed to throw me a surprise baby shower.  Apparently the plans had been in the making for quite some time and everyone around me knew about it.  These folks are pretty good at keeping things on the down low - we all know that I'm not!

Here is an extremely unflattering picture of me walking into the dining room where everything was decorated and there were about 14 of my Alabama friends smiling and yelling, "SURPRISE!"

After we all got some food and sat in our seats and I got asked about a dozen times if I was really surprised, I started to open all of Emmalyn's presents.  I got some help from Ethan, you might have seen him once or twice on this blog already.

Here is a picture of me trying to figure out if this adorable strawberry onesie will fit Emmalyn.  June got the outfit because she said it reminded her of Caleb and me.  Apparently anytime we have people over my desserts have included strawberries - told you I've been craving fruit the whole pregnancy!  I also just think the expression on my face that Sarah caught is hilarious!

Before everyone started dispersing we had to get a group shot.  This is the amazing group of ladies that I have the privilege of knowing while living in Alabama.  We are all in the same boat and it is great to know Godly women who understand the importance of attempting to be a good wife to a  man who flies 9 million dollar army aircrafts!

Sarah wanted to get a picture of me and all of Emmalyn's loot!  This kid is so loved by so many already and God is obviously blessing her even before she takes her first breathe of air.

And here is the spread.  Everyone pitched in to help make things and the cupcakes were from Cupcakes Ya'll.  A quaint little shop that I have been wanting to try.  They were amazing!

You might be wondering about the title.  Well, you see, Crissy bought a string sign that was supposed to say Baby Shower, but apparently there was a small typo and it really read, Baby Shoower.  I thought it was funny and very memorable!

Kayla : )

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