Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pregnancy Survey

How far along?   31 weeks and 4 days
Total weight gain/loss:  Well.... I don't really want to say, but 30 pounds so far.  It is really hard for me to look at myself and feel pretty with that much extra weight on me.  I'm really hoping the Doc is right when he tells me he thinks most of it is fluid/swelling that will come off quickly and its not just him trying to be nice.  I guess I'll have to wait to see.
Maternity clothes? Still loving my cotton dresses and skirts.  Everything else is Maternity
Stretch marks?   Still none - working hard every morning to keep it that way
Sleep:  I sleep so hard!!!!!!!!  I get up about every hour to hour and a half to use the bathroom, but have no trouble going back to sleep right away.  I can sleep anytime!!!!
Best moment this week: getting more of the nursery done.  I finished painting my old dresser and bought some cubbies to go in Emmalyn's closet that houses canvas baskets that I'll keep extra blankets etc in.
Movement:  YES!!!!!  Her feet are loving my right side and I can tell when she is poking her butt out because my belly is lopsided.  
Cravings:  MILK and fruit still.  I also am loving small amounts of dark chocolate too.
Gender:   GIRL!!!! - Emmalyn!
Labor Signs:  None
Belly Button in or out?  still in... getting flatter.  Caleb still does his weekly finger check
What I miss: energy!!!  I have the desire to do certain things like walk outside, housework, taking pictures, but after just a few minutes I get tired!
What I am looking forward to:  traveling to SC to see all my great friends and family and have a baby shower to celebrate the little life growing inside me.
Weekly Wisdom: I'm looking more and more like my mom!!!!
Milestones: single digit week countdown.  5 weeks to full term and 8 weeks to her due date!

Also, last weekend Caleb and I got some maternity pictures taken.  I was going to do them with our regular photographer, Sara Parker, but Caleb would not be able to be there with me, so I just asked a co worker who loves to take pictures if she would be interested in taking some for us.  She gladly agreed to, and I love them!  Other than the fact that I look like an Ox wearing a white dress, the pictures are great!  Hopefully Emmalyn will appreciate them one day.

Kayla : )


  1. Kayla! I don't know how I missed your blog. I've actually seen the link on Jessica Ryan's blog but just clicked on it today. Congratulations! You look great! Sounds like you're doing well. I look forward to following your journey of becoming a mommy! :)
    -Kathy (Winn) Henson

  2. you'm literally laughing out loud in my office about your "ox" comment (even though its not true!) 10 days!


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