Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pregnancy Progress

A few of Emmalyn's Stats

~ 72 days until her due date

~ 52 days until she reaches full term

~ She is weighing in at approximately 3 pounds

~ Her head is measuring almost 2 weeks ahead (oh joy!)

~ At our last Doctor's visit she was head down

~ She is a very active baby.  I feel rolling and lots of kicks.  Sometimes it even feels like she is stretching out to try to find more space in there

~ Apparently she really doesn't like it when I lie on my right side because she beats me.


A few of my stats

~ My ankle bones have disappeared.  I hope they come back soon

~ I've started vomiting daily again thanks to the awful acid reflux!

~ I've gained 22 pounds in 7 months...WOW!!!!

~ It is definitely getting harder to move.  Sometimes I'll get up from bed or the couch abruptly not really taking the whole pregnancy thing into thought, but then I am reminded very quickly.

~ Emmalyn's current home has now become my portable table.  I love being able to balance a bowl there

~ I have to take prescription iron pills now, along with the prenatal vitamins and acid reducers

~ I have no idea how I'm going to last another 2+ months with her inside me.  I want her out so that I can see her in person
and play with her
and hug her
and kiss her cheeks
and smell her
and dress her up
and witness all of her facial expressions
and hear what her voice sounds like
and get to know her inside and out

...Until then, this is all I have (along with her almost constant moving of course!)

Kayla : )

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