Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Our Weekend

This past weekend was eventful, but not very productive.  Caleb starts BWS (basic war-fighting skills) today and in preparation for it, he had to put together 30 maps.  And when I mean put together, I mean, trace his route, identify all power lines and towers, fold, glue, and glue some more.  The end result is a book of maps that they can easily flip to while in the cockpit.  Even though Caleb and a few other flight students got together to make an assembly line to get them done faster, it took them about 30+ hrs to complete the whole project.  I helped trace one map, but with my strange back ache, it just made it worse, so I ended up making lunches for everyone instead.

Aside from the maps, on Sunday we got up and went to church along with our friend Waldo (his first name is Adam, but I'm use to calling him Waldo, plus it is an easy name to make fun of : )  Anyway, while at church I got overheated (which doesn't take much these days) and felt so weak I thought I might pass out.  Upon arriving home, my breakfast reappeared which then made me very shaky.  I texted my friend Aimee at work and told her I might be seeing her later to get my blood pressure checked (I have no idea where my sphygmomanometer is, so I have to stop by L&D to get it checked.
She then asked what was going on and a few minutes later I got a call from my lovely L&D coworkers telling me they wanted me to come in ASAP.
My reaction - GRRRRRRRR!  I just want to sleep!
However, Caleb and I thought it would be better to get checked out, so we ventured over to MCE where I had a urinalysis, a CBC, and a CRP drawn and they monitored Emmalyn the whole time.  My blood pressure was a little elevated and I was "spilling" ketones in my urine and my lab work was pretty screwed up, but Miss Emmalyn looked great so I was sent home.  That's what happens when you work in the department I do - everyone is a mom!

So, after my hospital incident, Caleb and I headed home to get the house somewhat ready for the Bible study group to come over - it was our week to host.  I made my mother-in-law's summer strawberry cake recipe and before I knew it we were all packed in our tiny living room watching our weekly video.  This week was great.  The speaker talked about how men give themselves like 1,000 points for getting out of bed in the morning, and putting the dishes up, and getting their dirty clothes in the hamper instead of the floor.  Whereas women give their men 1 point for each of  these things.  Rather amusing if you think about it...and true.  I know every time Caleb does something useful around the house he continuously points it out to me for days afterwards!
At the end of the video, the speaker had us all get up and stand hand in hand with our spouses and repeat his words.  I don't remember everything he said, but I do remember it feeling like we were renewing our vows and it made me and almost every other wife emotional.
The speech was mostly about how you get caught up in day to day life and forget to appreciate each other and love each other like you did before.  For example, men usually go all out when they are courting a girl in order to "win" her, but once a ring is on her finger, most of that goes out the window for the exception of V-day and anniversaries.  And sometimes wives forget that nagging him about putting his dirty clothes in the hamper instead of the floor is the last thing he needs after being nagged at work all day.  Anyway, the message was good.

So after we finished up the Bible study and had a little going away party for our leaders, Brooke and Dave, we were all sitting around talking when Bumper kept begging me for some water, so I gave him some.  However, after drinking the entire bowl he turned around, walked 3 feet (to just where the carpet starts from the kitchen ) and vomits.  Everywhere.  In front of everyone and all over my dress.  I ran him outside, changed my clothes and came back out to the living room to see a group of our Bible study friends cleaning up my dog's puke.  What are friends for?

What a weekend!!!  Now, its back to work for both Caleb and me and helping the Skellys move on Saturday.  I think I'm going to go rest now because reliving all of that in my head just got me exhausted again.

Working hard on tracing!

The ghetto set up

Kayla : )


  1. I was wondering if you could tell me more about this bible study dvd!! Who is it? Can anyone get it and would it be just as beneficial for me and Ben to watch it together since we don't have a group of married friends? :)

  2. ummmm i'm going to need you to call me next time you go the hospital missy! glad everything's fine though.

  3. Hi! You have a lovely blog. I am now your new follower.


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